Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Blessed Burden

I firmly believe that God hand picks certain individuals to whom He reveals certain aspects of His heart. Parents, in general, are some of those individuals. Once you become a parent, you most definitely understand a little more about the ridiculously irrational unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. But, I also understand that there are certain people that are just simply privy to more of God's heart. Certainly He reveals Himself to all of us in different ways - but as I worshipped beside one of my dearest friends this morning, I encountered a revelation that moved me to tears. 

This friend and her sweet husband have said yes to one of the hardest things I think I could ever imagine. Not only have they said yes to loving other people's children as their own, but they have said yes to loving children that, if we're being quite frank, don't seem to deserve it. Knowing this precious friend, I'm certain she won't mind me sharing just a bit of what she deals with on a mostly daily basis. These children she has said yes to loving have, without a doubt, wreaked havoc in their home. Holes in the wall, broken beds, torn off blinds, pee and poop in the bathroom (not inside of the fixture in the bathroom to which it belongs), just to name a few. And then there's the spitting, the name calling, the cursing, the screaming, hissing, or growling, and the threats made. Most people would have said, "See ya!" by now. They would have picked up the phone and unashamedly pleaded, "Please, come get this child!" And to be honest, most wouldn't blame them. 

But...they haven't. They have stuck it out and have fought and are fighting for these kids. They aren't just fighting for the kids in a physical sense (for proper psychiatric care, medical care, education, and adoption) but they are fighting for their very souls. As I stood next to her listening to her quiet sniffles as she broke down and cried out to God as she does every day, it became apparent to me that God is revealing Himself to her in a way that I imagine very few are privileged to. The way that she loves those children despite all the chaos and discomfort and emotional stress that it causes has to be the closest earthly example I have seen to how God loves us. 

Oh, friend. How he loves us so. Like those precious children, we can be some of the most burdensome creatures. Our Heavenly Father loves us like crazy and He daily fights for our souls. And yet, so many of us spit in His face, we take it out on Him when things don't go our way. We curse Him and yell at Him and make it nearly impossible to love us. And yet, He does. He loves us so much He sacrificed His only Son. 

I believe my dear friend is getting a sneak peak into the mind and heart of our Heavenly Father as He loves and fights for us. She has such a burden on her shoulders as she tries to love these precious kids to the Father. I can't help but feel though, that what she has is one of the most blessed burdens imaginable.

Love you, sweet friend. And to any other heroes out there loving traumatized children and the children that seem the most unlovable at times, thank you for fighting and loving in and through all the crazy. Your obedience does not go unnoticed.  

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