Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Devil's D List

"He prowls around like a lion, seeking whom he may devour."

The devil. Did you know he has a "D List?" Well, he does.

We've just started a study in our small group called "Twisting the Truth" which has us diving into the unseen spiritual world, an often-times scary place. As the bible says, we don't fight against flesh and bone but against the evil spirits of this world.

We took a pretty close look at the enemy himself as described in the bible on Saturday night and seeing some of the scripture through a different pair of eyes made for some pretty frightening revelations. Satan has been given this world. For now, of course. We know Who wins in the end. But nonetheless, it makes it no less horrifying that we have to live in a world that is basically ruled by our enemy. Thinking about it sends chills up my spine.

Thankfully, we have been given tools to keep him from overpowering us. The Word of God, our Salvation, the Holy Spirit, prayer! Oh, there is so much power in prayer.

With that said though, we still have to be alert and vigilant because the top thing on his "D List" is deception. He will twist anything he can, ever so subtly to make you believe it. This is how he worms his way in and the deceiving begins. In our discussion Saturday night, we came up with a small list of things that this deception causes, and as the week progressed, my husband and I have been coming up with more.

In the church, deception causes dissension and division.
In marriages it causes divorce.
In individuals it causes drama, delusion, and can be the catalyst for drug use and drunkenness.
In Christians, it causes doubt.
He goes to work in people to cause depression and despair.
All over the world, the devil's "D List" is taking over minds, hearts, marriages, churches. Any little door he sees cracked open, he will slither his way into and then squeeze the very life out of his prey! He is the prince of darkness. His ultimate goal? DEATH & DESTRUCTION!

Not necessarily physical death, although that can certainly be part of it. But he calls for a spiritual death - a death much worse than anything physical might cause. The death and destruction of your own soul...

It sounds far-fetched right? Except that this is exactly what so many people are allowing to happen to their own lives. Look at America. Look at our government. Look at your neighbors or just take a walk in a mall somewhere or Wal-Mart. Good grief! People are being devoured by the devil. He's running and ruining their finances, their relationships, their thoughts, their actions, their marriages, their children.

But you know what? As children of the One True King, we have the power to stop it. We forget about this power too often. You know what the Bible says? It says, "Resist the devil and he will flee." Not, he might flee or he'll consider fleeing, or even he'll take a few steps back. No, HE WILL FLEE!! When we step up and demand his exit, he has no choice. He has to go! He has to run and retreat back to where he came from. Unfortunately, after a while, as we let our guard down, he will return and try again - sometimes the same tactic, sometimes a different one. But remember that power we have! Use that power!

Friends, it's time we take his D List and we shred it! Let's make our own:
-Desire for God
-Digging into His Word
-Dying to ourselves
-Delighting in Him
-Dressed with the full armor

Can you think of others? Let's combat his list with one longer! Share some items from a new D List that you can use to DEFEAT him!

We will overcome through the Overcomer! 

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