Friday, June 21, 2013

On the Road Again...

It's that time of year again.

We'll be heading up to Alabama in a few days. We haven't taken this trip in a year. Gabe is a whole year older which I'm hoping will make for a fairly carefree car ride. I have his activity bags packed and ready to go. I searched a bit online & got a few ideas from FB friends before I just decided to wing it. I headed to the Dollar Tree for some cheapies. Of course I also perused the dollar section at Target and since I was there for some groceries, also picked up his Color Wonder markers for the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Color Wonder pad I bought from Walmart last week. 

I really didn't spend too much which was the goal - - - get as much as I can for as little as I can. We also have the portable DVD player from hubby's parents so I'm sure that will prove entertaining as well. We have to be really strategic about the way we pack this time around. All 3 of us (hubby, Gabe, & me) ride with my mom and she is having a 31 Gifts party hosted by my Grandma so she has to be able to take a lot of her inventory to show. But, I also have Gabe's clothes packed, each day's outfit in a ziploc bag which makes it super organized and easy to find whatever I'm looking for. 

Below are pictures of his activity bags. My mom got him a cute duffel with his name on it so we're using that for his entertainment bag. I'd like to say there is some strategy behind how I packed each bag - but there really isn't. I just threw different items in the bags and hopefully because it is all new, it will provide more fun. I didn't let him come with me to the store when I was buying the stuff because I want him to be surprised by it all when we're on the road. 

Here's his Thirty-One duffel bag - super cute!

I could call this his Crayola bag and pretend I purposely put those items in there but that would be a lie - it just happened that way. It includes his Jake Color Wonder book and the markers and a new little book.

This bag includes a small wooden puzzle with Jake on it and a memory matching game. 

Here's his bag of wild animals and cars (those go together right?) and after this picture I also put some little containers of play dough in this bag.

This is just a bag of some lego style blocks and some number flash cards.

This is the whole lot together...I'm taking the baking sheet as well as his magnetic letters from the fridge so he can play with that. Baking sheet may also serve as a flat surface for his puzzle too. 

I'm really hoping these work to keep him happy. I know we'll stop every few hours to get out and let him run around. Now I'm just back and forth about where to put his car seat. We've always had him in the middle because I know that's the safest place but everyone will be more comfortable if he is on one side and we could get some window clings to let him play with on the window. I see kids on the side all the time and if you have two kids in car seats, they have to be. It just makes me nervous. I know my mom tends to like to drive in the right lane so perhaps I'll put him on the right side. We'll see. Hubby usually sits in the back so I guess I'll leave it up to him. 

I'm more excited to be there this year since he is older and seemingly more manageable. He'll have a ton of space to run and play and I'm not as uptight about everything like I used to be. I think overall it will be a great trip and he'll have loads of fun!

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