Monday, March 11, 2013

Times Well Spent

This post is somewhat inspired by an old friend's blog. She recently posted about time she spent in college and how much she missed those days. I realized that I, too, have found myself reminiscing and becoming quite nostalgic about times passed.

Her words reminded me of a time, already 7 years ago, that I set foot onto the small campus of Southeastern as a student and resident for the first time. I remember meeting my roommate in person. We met through another online blog site that I used to keep up really well in high school called Xanga (anyone remember that?) and we eventually requested to be roomed together. We talked on the phone the whole summer before so I felt like I really knew her well. We quickly became nearly inseparable and I remember fondly the nights we would stay up until 3am laughing, IMing each other back and forth like nerds since we were sitting in the same room, decorating the dorm with flamingos and scripture, dying hair illegally in the communal bathroom (shhh), praying at night before falling asleep, or walking/skipping around campus arm in arm like the silly freshmen we were. We went through a lot that year...or rather, she went through a lot, and I sat helplessly not knowing what to do. Our friendship made it out alive and we kept in touch for a few years afterward but I lost touch with her and haven't been able to find her. Perhaps one day I'll post the story I wrote about her for one of my college writing classes several years ago. Her story is certainly worth telling. And, I received an A!

Honestly, though, my memories have taken me even farther high school. Oh, I shudder at the thought. I hated high school. Loathed it, actually. But, I did enjoy the company I kept outside of the walls of that horrendous place...namely, those I went to church with. As a junior, one of the guys that went to our church and I decided to start a bible study. So, every Monday night, 10-15 high schoolers gathered at my house for dinner or snacks and we had bible study. We'd trade off leading each week and then we always separated boys and girls for a while so the girls could talk about what they were going through and pray together and the boys would do the same. I loved that time. Looking back though, I see where some of those people were then, and then I see where they are now - some having completely abandoned their faith - and I wonder if it made a difference. I hope it did with others. I know it did with me.

I remember leading worship with my best friend on Wednesday nights for the few months we had a praise band. I remember how devoted we were. If we didn't have daily quiet time or didn't show up for Sunday School or Worship, or a practice without a valid excuse (sickness, out of town) then we weren't aloud to lead. We were serious. So that meant sometimes one of us led without the other or we didn't have a drum player or a lead guitarist. It was the rule we set for ourselves...and we followed it.

I wouldn't trade this life of mine for anything in the world. But, I do miss those times. I don't think we always appreciate the times we have as we have them. We take them for granted until those times are gone and you're only left with the memories. Looking back makes me want to appreciate the HERE and the NOW even more. I want to soak up every moment I have now and not take it for granted. I want to be able to look back years from now on these times and say, "Those were times well spent."

Memories...Charity (bestie I met in college) and I rockin' our Kappa Pi Tau shirts! Not sure why I love this pic so much!

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