Friday, March 1, 2013

Running the Race

On my way to work earlier this week, I listened to the Morning Cruise on the JoyFM share their sort of devotional. Carmen was talking about running in the Princess Half Marathon over the weekend and although I missed the beginning of her story, I caught the latter part where she described the last 2 or 3 miles and how tough they were but how the Lord spoke to her in those moments telling her that this was how she would enter the kingdom: battered, bruised, broken, and exhausted.

As I listened, I realized that is exactly how we all should enter the kingdom. Nay, how we should STRIVE to enter the kingdom. If we are not exhausting ourselves for Christ, then what's the point really? I don't know about you, but I want some rewards when I get to Heaven. I want my Heavenly Father to look at me and tell me how well I've done; how my often sloppy race in my life on earth brought others to Christ. I want to persevere and push on...through the sweat, the blisters, the aching the prize waiting for me at the end. The glorious day I see my beautiful Jesus. The ultimate prize.

As I reflect back on the part of the race I've completed, I can see the paths that were the toughest....the paths that took me through thick brush, desert sand, or pavement littered with pot holes. I can see where I fell and maybe skinned my knees but eventually got back up. I can see where I veered off the path and rested a while, thinking there was no way I could go on, but eventually jumped back in the race. I can also look ahead and I can see how difficult the rest of the race will be but I see all the other runners too, some far ahead of me that I am trying to catch up with, some far behind me that I am trying to spur forward. The participants of this long and crazy race are all at different mile markers. Some are more battered and bruised than others. Some struggle for every breath, while it seems others run with grace and dignity. No matter how you "run," how slow or crooked your gait might be, keep running. Don't stop. I won't stop. I'll fall for sure, a million times. It's okay. You can fall. There are other "runners" along the way that will help you up and will "run" alongside you encouraging, motivating, lifting you up. I've met many who have done the same for me and I can only pray that I can be the same for others.

Remember your prize. Remember what Who is waiting for you at the finish line. We should all be running for Him, to Him. Run that race, friend. Run that race, and don't stop until you see His face.

Tighten those shoe laces, friends. Let's run this thing!

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