Sunday, September 2, 2012


What a Christian-ese word huh?

But to me it's a crucial part of the Christian life. We must have conviction. And let me just say....I've had my fair share lately.

From songs on the radio, corporate worship at Fuel, Fuel-a-day emails from our Pastor, messages on Sunday morning, and quite simply - the quiet thoughts that the Father gives me from day to day, I've been convicted of my own walk and what my walk looks like right now. If one could really track a Christian's walk with actual footprints, mine would probably be zigzagging, disappearing into the grass from time to time, walking in circles, going backwards, etc. I haven't really been on the straight and narrow. Confession: I've found it hard to trust Him with our finances; I haven't been reading the Word like I know I should; I haven't had much of a prayer life; and my actions/thoughts toward certain people have been less than Christ-like for sure.

As God continues to prove His faithfulness to me, I am convicted of my lack of faithfulness toward Him. Shame on me. I saw this picture below on FB the other day and it just hit me that I should be that woman.

I have been saved for far too long to have any excuses for NOT being this type of woman. Yet, as I look closely at my life, I have a ways to go. Yesterday, I went to Family Christian in search of a devotional that I could use that might touch on these types of qualities in the spiritual life. And I found one that I am excited to begin tomorrow. It's called "Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover." It just seems like what I'm looking for right now. And to go along with this whole conviction, our Pastor spoke today about our identity being found first and foremost in Christ and that every decision or action we make has to be filtered through the thought: "I am a child of God first." I HAVE to remember that...when someone does something that irks me - "I am a child of God first." When my circumstances don't look like I want them to - "I am a child of God first." When the gossip reel starts rolling and tries to drag me in - "I am a child of God first."

So, I am practicing using that filter and practicing the key words in the photo above: truth, kindness, compassion, charity, love, and prayer - especially in my relationships with certain people.

I'm a work in progress...but with conviction must come action. And I'm acting...


  1. Kayla, you continue to surprise me and convict me simply by being YOU! I love you for that! Thank you for the blog post today...I must confess this is the first time I have actually read it and I am certainly going to read it again! In fact, I may actually start a blog myself...might give me an outlet for my thoughts and convictions! You are, and will always be, a special light in my world! I love you sister!

    ~Ronda <3

    1. Thank you, Ronda! You are honestly one of my favorite people on this planet! No matter my circumstances, you make me smile! Thanks for being you and loving me...despite myself. Love you back!

    2. Thank you sweet one! It is more than easy to love you! I am so proud of you! :-) Have a good day at school tomorrow! Love you...g'nite! <3