Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Yearning & A Plan

My mother is the ultra organizer (well, she'll probably tell you not so much right now, but she is). Her daughter (that's me) is so NOT the organizer. Oh, yes, I have grand ideas for things but she is the one with the organization to put those ideas into an actual event. I have the desires and the lovely images in my head of an organized home where everything has its place. She is the one who can actually pull it off. Now, no doubt about it, I can create a clean and tidy and organized space. It just takes me...FOREVER.

My mother is also the crafty one. I'm the writer, yes. But she is the crafter/scrapbooker/creator. I remember when I was little the closet full of puffy paint, fabrics, and glue guns. I didn't learn until fairly recently that she used to make t-shirts or sweatshirts to give as gifts or even sell during Christmas and other times to help make ends meet or have money to buy me gifts. I can remember the Christmas scenes she would create on shirts. I also remember the first scrapbook I ever did and how it would have NEVER gotten done without her help. My wedding was absolutely beautiful - mostly because of her. I had wonderful ideas - she just brought them to reality.

I say all that to say this: I may not have inherited that gene - but I am determined to practice it. One of my goals this summer is to work on really organizing our home and keeping it clean and orderly. Even as I write this, there is a voice inside laughing its ugly head off. Yes, little voice, I know I have a crazy son who wreaks his havoc all over the house and our office desk is loaded down with papers and there are clothes all over our bedroom but it WILL happen.

I have a plan. Oh, yes...that's right. Beware THE PLAN! When I really am truly determined to do something - I do it. Usually. Most of the time. Almost.

Okay, so even when I make a plan, it doesn't always work out. But I REALLY am going to try this time - just not until summer. I know myself. If I start before my break, I will quit and then be depressed that I couldn't keep up with it. The same goes for my 5K training, exercise, eating right plan. It sounds ridiculous to say I'm going to wait on that until my break starts but I figured if I wait until I have more time and stick with it during the summer, then I'll be so addicted to it (whatever IT is - exercising, running, cooking healthy, keeping a clean house, etc.) that I will make a way to do said IT during the school year. At least, that's the thought process behind it. And part of these plans and goals take money - money we won't quite have until Jason starts his new job.

Let's get this straight: I HATE cleaning. Loathe it. Can't stand it. But, it has to be done unless I want to live in filth right? So I figured...why not have a plan to do some aspect of cleaning each day of the week instead of trying to do it ALL over the weekend when I'd rather be having fun. Of course each evening I'll pick up Gabe's toys and straighten up the kitchen. That's a given. But then one day each week I'll choose something else.

Here's an example (not necessarily the order I will do things but just so you get the idea):
Mondays: Vacuum carpets
Tuesdays: Sweep & steam tile floors
Wednesdys: Dust ALL furniture in house
Thursdays: Do ALL laundry
Fridays: Clean bathrooms
Saturdays: Anything else that needs cleaning/straightening/organizing
Sundays: Enjoy a day off:)

I think if I really make a plan, tack it up somewhere, and stick with it - it will eventually become a habit and no longer will I be running around like a maniac trying to tidy up hours before company is to show up. It won't be easy because this type of thing, for some strange and annoying reason, does not come naturally to me. But when Jason starts working and he comes home - I want him to come home to a clean, welcoming, and cozy home....not one full of dust, dirt, and chaotic disorganization.

So, with this yearning deep inside, and my amazing plan of action, I might just become....SUPERMOM!

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