Thursday, May 3, 2012

"The Golden Post"

Well, folks, this is my official 50th post on my blog. Fifty is a special number. At 50 years of marriage, you have your "Golden Anniversary." The 1950's was considered the "Golden Age." And if I recall correctly, after you turn 50, you celebrate the "Golden Years." So, I shall name this post the "Golden Post." Now, I feel as a blogger, that on this special 50th post, that I should write about something earth shattering, ground breaking, or as most people would call it - important. However, the things I want to write about have not happened yet and when they do - you will hear about it.

This post, I decided, will be my own personal love story (which, I might add, was pretty important in my life). My hubby and I shared our story of how we met in a meeting with our pastor last night and after talking about it I told Jason I should blog about it - because it really is a magnificent story - the timing, the events - it all molds together to create a story that I do love to tell.

I give you one disclaimer before I begin: I am notorious for details. This story may wind up being longer than you or I anticipate and if you feel the need to stop, go do something meaningful with your life, and come back and read it later, please feel free. I give no apologies. This is my our story and we are quite proud of it. So, ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen who read this?), without further adieu, I give you: The Love Story of Jason & Kayla.

Enter the broke, social college student in need of a church to be involved in and a reason to get away from the ex-boyfriend that won't go away. Yes, that would be yours truly. It was January of 2006, my freshman year of college - and I was loving it. I was lacking one thing: a church. Being a Christ-follower and student of a Christian college, being involved in a church was a no-brainer; it was something that I required of myself and I was missing it. A couple that were members of my church back at home in Ocala had moved back to Plant City a couple years before and invited me to their church. My first visit was on January 29th and I immediately plugged in with the college and career class. I was invited to a college and career "Polar Bear Party" where I could get to meet a lot of the other people my age and get connected. The point of the party (besides fellowship and eating) was to jump into freezing cold water to collect rocks that represented different amounts of money. College student? No job? Broke? Yes, please. I will jump into 50 degree water to grab rocks that will get me some gas money.

We were told that anyone who didn't know how to get to the person's house could meet at the church. I figured I would be the only one since I was the only one who didn't know how to get there. But shortly after I pulled up, another car pulled in. We sat on opposite sides of the parking lot waiting for our leaders to show up. Finally they did, and when I got out of the car, I swear to you my breath caught in my chest. I'd always heard stories of people who say they knew the moment they saw their spouse, that they were the one. I never believed it would actually happen to me. I looked at this handsome guy talking with our leaders and felt without a doubt that he was it. I can't even explain it. Unless that actually happens to you, it's not something you can understand. But my mother and friends can vouch for me...I went home (back to school) that night (after winning $12 from the freezing water) and called my mom to tell her that I met the man I was going to marry. I honestly thought I was crazy. I didn't say two words to this guy. All I knew about him was his name and yet, I just knew.

The crazy thing was that it was February 4th. That would have been 2 years for my ex-boyfriend and me (if we had still been together) and we were talking again. I didn't know how to really let him go at the time. I was trying to let him down but kept failing. And then I met Jason. It all became so easy after that, without even having a conversation with the man.

Things went very slow after that. I looked him up on myspace a week or so later and we became friends on there. We would acknowledge each other at church but it didn't really go any further than that. He will tell you I stalked him on myspace - I promise you that is not true. I mean, checking his myspace several times a day, jumping up and down when he added me to his top 12 friends list, watching with anticipation as I slowly moved up to the number one spot on his friends list - that's not stalking. :)

Finally he sent me a message with his cell phone number but I, being taught well by my mother, knew that it was not a good idea to call/text him first so I gave him my number. My first text came from him April 10th in the morning while I was on my way to work. I nearly swerved off the road. I remember dates because they were significant to me. That was the day we kidnapped my best friend for her birthday.

We started texting a lot after that. I first asked him to come hang out at the college and career softball game and since I didn't know how to get there, he said he'd meet me somewhere and I could follow him. Realizing our mutual appreciation for Starbucks, we met there first. I was excited, nervous, and running around like a mad woman before that initial "date" that wasn't actually a date. I knew how quiet he was so I wasn't sure if I would be carrying the conversation. I didn't. Our conversation was easy and light and he was smiling the whole time. Side note: I still have the receipt from that first Starbucks trip together.

I can't remember exactly when it really happened but one of the things I really desired was for "that guy" to wear a True Love Waits ring. I had made a committment long before to remain sexually pure until marriage and I desired the same in a man. I didn't want to marry a man who had already given that up to someone else. I wanted a True Love Waits ring exchange as part of our wedding ceremony so that it would be witness to others of our committment to wait for each other. I remember one Wednesday night at church we were sitting at a table and I happened to glance at his hand and notice the ring. I nearly fell out my chair! I think I called my mother halfway hyperventilating that night to tell her he wore the ring.

We went to Starbucks and softball games a few times and then he finally asked me to a movie. Our first official date (a date because he paid for the movie) was to see Benchwarmers. Then we went shortly after to see Take the Lead. We continued to meet at Starbucks on occassion and he would come by the school just to chat. I had gotten a job and would be moving in with the same couple from earlier in the story over the summer. The Monday after I moved in, he came over that night because he had an important note to give me. It detailed his feelings about me and I just smiled from ear to ear as I read it. We became "official" after that and it has been the best 6 years of my life. We both knew immediately that we would get married. We weren't going to waste time dating if we didn't see each other as a spouse and of course, I knew way before him that it was going to happen:)

1st picture together:)

For a few years prior to meeting him, I had written letters to my future husband and then after I met him, before we even got together, I began to address those letters to him. I gave them to him on our wedding night as his wedding gift. They sit in a treasure box in the middle of one of our plant shelves.

We were officially engaged on October 16, 2006. He proposed at Lake Mirror while the sun was setting and a flock of birds was flying overhead. I nearly tackled him to say yes!
One of our many incredible engagement shots

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and was a dream come true. And we set aside a special part right before our wedding ring exchange to place our True Love Waits rings on a white ribbon which we placed on the bible when we went to light our unity candle.
The True Love Waits rings being placed on the Bible

Our marriage has been more than I could ever ask for and now we are blessed to be the parents of a sweet precious boy. If you had told me 7 years ago that by this time I would be married, have a child, and be teaching 7th grade to the type of students I teach, I would have probably laughed at you. But I would not trade this life of mine for anything. I have a husband who constantly lifts me up and tells me how wonderful I am, who makes me feel beautiful and desired, and who, despite our many differences, is literally my other half - my peanut butter to my jelly, my butter to my toast, my cinnamon to my bun (okay, corny moment over - sorry).
Getting ready for baby!

Our wonderful son!
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed our wonderful love story. It's the best of the best if you ask me:)

Thanks for sticking with me through this special "golden post" of mine. Here's to 50 more, friends!

P.S. This post took me literally 3 days to write:) Just sayin'....

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