Sunday, August 14, 2011

Please Don't....

...tell me to basically just deal with it. Just because we all have stuff to deal with does not mean I don't have a right to be upset. Yes, I know that there are bigger things in life but to me right now, this is a big one. And I will sure as heck deal with it in any way I see fit. So if pouting and throwing myself a pity party complete with balloons, cake, and confetti is how I feel like dealing with it, then let me be. I will eventually work through it as I do with all things so if you have a problem with how I manage things that upset me, then don't pay attention.

Whew! Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. I'm going back to work tomorrow. And let me tell you...I am overjoyed......NOT! I got to school Thursday in hopes of putting some of my room together and then I was told I was switched to not just another room, but another team entirely. Moving rooms is not the issue here as I really have nothing much to move since I brought it all home with me. But, I am being taken from the team I know and the team I am comfortable with and have a good relationship and foundation with and being put on another team. Now, if you are not a teacher, this might not make any sense to you or sound like a huge issue but it is a really big deal to me. I still consider myself a new teacher (even though this is my 3rd year) because there is still so much I have yet to learn and I feel like the team I've been on has helped me grow professionally. And while I may not enjoy every aspect of my job, those ladies on my team definitely made the rough moments smoother and the hard times easier and the confusing issues clearer. And now I am being ripped from them (dramatic, yes, but I am feeling dramatic tonight) and I am just really upset about it. I'll eventually get over it but when a colleague of mine feels the need to tell me to just put my big girl panties on and deal with it because we all have to deal with just really burns my biscuits. Thus, the rant at the beginning.

Anyway, that's my soapbox for this evening...and now I'm stepping off of it. Gotta get ready for bed. The end.

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