Monday, May 23, 2011


What a busy weekend!! Friday night I spend about 2 1/2 hours grocery shopping. I was trying my hardest at couponing and finding great deals and while I brought home a lot and only spent $100, I only saved about $18. But I will get there. I have to build up my supply of coupons I suppose. I bought my expandable file to keep my newspaper inserts in and now I just need the elusive baseball card holders...cannot find them anywhere.

I stayed up until 11 Friday night to clean up the kitchen and dining room a bit and then I was up @ 5 am with Gabe and proceeded to finish cleaning the rest of the house. Hubby helped me clean our bed room and then I cleaned both bathrooms, swept the floors, baked red velvet cupcakes, and did laundry. I didn't get to make the cheesecake stuffed cupcakes but I made little mini cupcakes and they were still good.

My s-i-l Tina came over to decorate and did a really nice job and then about noon, everyone else came over for Jason's birthday. We had chicken and yellow rice, chips and dip, veggies, and other odds and ends. Jason received some of the sweetest cards.

Later that evening we went to Shoot Straight in Lakeland to look at guns, left empty-handed for the 2nd time, then went to Applebee's with a gift card he got. Got decent sleep Saturday night I suppose and then Sunday we went to church. A couple in our church just got back from hiking 700 miles from the bottom of Israel to the top. They are founders of a ministry called Walk Worthy and they walk all over the place to minister to other hikers/wanderers who are in search of something and they tell them about Jesus. They shared their testimony of Israel with us....such a neat couple. Their names are Randy and LuAnne but their hiker names are Chuck (because he really does look like Chuck Norris) and Tigger (I think, but don't remember why her's is Tigger). They own nothing except the clothes on their backs and the items they hike with....they are truly and inspiration and a model of what it means to BRING the Good News to people.

After church we went to a baby pageant for Gabe's cousin Preston. He won his division. Of course he happened to be the only boy but we decided that was because all the others knew they couldn't compete against his cuteness:)

We had a fire last night on the patio and roasted hot dogs and corn on the cob with Steve & Amber. Gabe fell asleep around 5, woke back up around 6ish, ate, and fell right back to sleep about 6:30. And he was OUT! Usually, whether he is sleeping or not, I give him a bath and try to feed him again before he goes to bed officially but he seemed so tired that I just let him be. And he slept until 4am. He slept all night on his belly. When I laid him in his crib, he immediately flipped over. I tried flipping him back and he flipped over again so I let him. But this was the first time he's ever slept on his tummy at night so every single noise I heard I thought was him. Needless to say, I didn't get much I had tummy cramps throughout the night. I woke up this morning and felt just yuck. I think my constant going going going has me about gone gone gone.

We headed to school already running 15 minutes late but on the way there, I spilled coffee all over myself. Of course I immediately start to cry because I am so tired, I'm out of sick days, and I just want to go home and stay there. And Jason convinced me. He reminded me about our $1000 emergency fund we have in place now and said that's what that is for...and nothing is important enough for you to put yourself through that. So I came home, put my absence in the system, emailed my podmates my sub plans, and went back to sleep. I think I was only able to get an hour in though...I forced myself awake from a crazy dream where gang bangers had entered our home and I was shooting at them and actually killing them...creepy and so not how I want my sleep to be interrupted. How about a dream of fluffy white bunnies frolicking through a field of flowers? Wouldn't that be more relaxing than killing a bunch of intruders. Seriously, I need a vacation.

So here I am now...updating my blog with a raging headache. My normal proofreading self is going to click the publish button without rereading what I just wrote so if it is riddled with a gazillion typos, deal with it. This English teacher is exhausted and ready for the next 3 weeks to just go!

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