Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, yesterday was quite eventful. I was supposed to have a Body by Vi Shake Party last night but because I didn't have enough people to say they were coming, I didn't want my friend/distributor to waste her gas so I cancelled it until further notice. God knew though...

When hubby picked me up from work, he said Gabriel had thrown up one entire bottle on him around noon and then another entire bottle around 3. Not your normal spit-up but straight up soaked him. When he threw up at 3, he actually held him over the sink...poor little guy. And yet, he did not fuss. He was still smiley and happy but he threw up an entire bottle...twice. So, he knew something wasn't right. He called his pediatrician and they said to try 2 oz. of pedialyte every hour and if he held it down until 8 then we could try 2 oz. of formula, wait and see if he held that down too. Well, we stopped by Publix and not knowing, I figured, "Oh, surely he'll like the flavored stuff over the non-flavored." So we got home and tried but he gagged and coughed and pushed it out of his mouth each time. So I tried calling the Dr. on call at his ped's again but no answer. We both decided that he is too precious to take any chances and we didn't want him to get dehydrated so we packed up and headed to the ER. Got there around 5 and didn't actually get a room in the Pediatric ER until about 7 or or 7:30. Then it was another 45 minutes until the Dr. finally came in. I got the nurse prior to that though and asked her why it was taking so long. She came in and tried a 2 oz bottle of unflavored pedialyte and he took an ounce and a half of that. Then, because he had tasted something, he wanted more. It was after 8 and he'd had nothing in his stomach since the morning. I know my son and he was hungry. So when the Dr. comes in, he starts screaming and she wonders why...SERIOUSLY LADY?!? Why do you think? So she finally mixed some formula with pedialyte and he guzzled those 2 oz down. That was 8:30 and then he fell asleep. Around 8:45 the Dr. came back in to check on him and said she would go ahead and start the discharge papers in a FEW minutes. 

Now, I don't know what you think when you hear FEW, but I think 15 minutes tops. Ha! We are still sitting there at 9:30 so we packed him up and walked out the door. I was ready to just leave until the nurse said that insurance will bill me the whole amount if I leave without being discharged. UGH! Really? So back in we went and it wasn't until 10:00 that someone finally came in with the papers. So 5 hours later and what information do we have? NONE! Is it a stomach bug? No clue. Is it a formula allergy? Not sure. So when the bill for that Dr. comes, I'd really like to send back the little 2 oz bottle of formula she gave us and tell her, "That's your payment, lady. Cause seriously, what did you even do?" I was so irritated. Mama Bear was not happy (and she was hungry). The nurse was great and I tried my hardest not to take it out on her b/c I know she had no control. It really burns my biscuits that the nurses are the ones that do 95% of the work and get 5% of the pay while the Dr. does 5% of the work and gets 95% of the pay.  And I'm sorry, but if you're a DOCTOR that works in PEDIATRICS, shouldn't you know how to handle a baby? Just sayin....

If I could have gotten away with it, I think I would've just taken him back upstairs to NICU where they took such good care of him the first 7 days of his life. At least they know what they're doing...

So we were home around 10:30 where I fed him 2 oz of pedialyte and then 3 oz of formula. He kept that down and I put him to bed shortly before 11. I got to bed around 11:30 without dinner at all and he slept until 5ish...better than what I was gearing up for. He took 5 oz and kept that down and then around 7:30 I fed him another 5 oz. Now he's asleep in his swing and I have a feeling he's going to be sleeping a lot today. Yesterday probably wore him out.

I had plans to get a lot of stuff done around the house but I'm so exhausted that I really just want to sit here in my jammies and nap all day. much to do. Gotta push through the exhaustion. Isn't that what mothers do daily anyway?

Okay, I guess I need to get dressed and get some stuff cleaned up and picked up around the house. Have a blessed Saturday!

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