Wednesday, May 18, 2011

16 Days....

That, my friends, is how many days are left in this very long and frustrating school year. And the good thing is: time is flying. The bad thing is: time is flying. Ha! I like time to fly when it's school. I do not like time to fly when my son is growing up so fast. He will be 4 months old on Friday!!! How in the world has it been 4 months already?!? On Monday afternoon, while I was of course on the phone with our insurance agent, he flipped from his back to his tummy and then back over again. Took me a second to even realize what he'd done and then I flipped out. I think my agent was scared. Ha! He's been flipping from tummy to back since he was 4 weeks old and now he's done the opposite. Then he actually belly laughed with daddy. Daddy can make him laugh more than I can apparently. I joke that it's because he looks funny...but no, daddy is funny and he looooves his daddy.

Tomorrow is my hubby's 27th birthday and what do I have for him? Nothing. This is the first year since we've been together that I have not given a ton of thought to his birthday. I suppose it's because I've been a little preoccupied lately but still...I feel horrible. We're celebrating with the fam on Saturday so hopefully I'll have time before then to think of something.

We finally sold the bike on Saturday! So as of this morning, our emergency fund is funded with $1000 and my car is paid off....PAID OFF!!! I love those 2 words. Tomorrow, my Discover card will be paid off and Jason's credit card will be paid off and then we'll have one small bank loan left and one interest free card left with balances...well, and my wonderful student loans...but isn't that more of an investment? No, it's debt. I know. It feels so good to finally pay my car off after 7 long years. I leased that car in February of 2004, financed it in February of 2007, and now, in May of is paid off! Do the happy dance!!!

Sunday morning, my poor hubby woke at 3am with the stomach flu. I think that may be what Gabe had, only a milder form. So he was up for 5 hours vomiting. Took him to the doc and he got some drugs and was feeling better by mid-afternoon and then of course, I got it. Thank God I didn't have it as bad as he did but I did stay home on Monday. It amazes me how those 24 hour things seem to last LITERALLY for 24 hours. I think I started feeling it around 3pm Sunday and around 3 pm Monday was feeling great. So strange....

I'm really excited about how my view of money has changed. I was watching some show on Cribs Priciest Pads or something and some girl had over 300 pairs of shoes and like 200 purses. Now, normally, I would think, "Wow, that's a lot of shoes and way too many purses." But I actually got really sick to my stomach thinking about the excess that we have in this country. If all the sports players and actors and multi-millionaires would just give 1 or 2% of what they have to those who don't have at all, I don't think there would be much need left.

I refuse to use credit for anything anymore. If we don't have the money, then we don't need the item. I've never been a big FAN of credit. I've always realized it's potentional for destruction and tried my hardest not to use credit cards and we had zero balances on all cards until the house b/c of course, there was paint to buy and area rugs, and groceries, a fridge, and W/D and other things that we INITIALLY did not have the money for...but no more. Besides, the Bible clearly states, "The borrower is slave to the lender." I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a slave to someone who takes my money. I want to be a servant of Christ, something I can't be fully until I cut the chains of debt off completely. After all our initial debt (besides house) is paid off, then we can start on a fully funded emergency fund and then once that is funded, we can start paying more on the house and pay it off early! How awesome would it be to be COMPLETELY financially free? What could you do with all that money that you wouldn't have to give to someone else? Oh, the possibilities!

Okay, well enough of my rant. I need to go make copies for my kids today! Toodles...

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