Monday, May 30, 2011

And In-Laws Make Six...

Well, it has been quite the last few days. Busy, busy, busy! Thursday night, mom came down, and thank God she was here. Jason had to help his brother pack and load stuff up in a truck and his wife, my sister in law, had class so I took their 9 month old daughter, Mileena, over here to watch. Poor thing has the rash of all rashes down you know where and was so NOT happy. She was tired, made herself throw up, and finally passed out around 9:30 or 10 with my mom standing in our Florida room swaying back and forth. They slept here Thursday night. I worked Friday and mom came during my 6th period class to see the chaos that ensues and she cannot believe I make it out of that class without causing bodily harm to's my worst class and completely exhausts me by the time 8th period rolls around.

Mom went to a hotel Friday night and Steve & Amber brought more stuff over. Saturday morning, they finally decided to rent a truck. I decided to stay behind to try and organize the space a bit and make room for their stuff where there was no room. I took Gabe to the Jameson Inn where mom was staying and ran some errands. I bought an over the toilet organizer for their bathroom b/c without it, there would be no room for anything. Bought one for our bathroom too since we could always use the extra space. I reorganized our pantry (if that's what you want to call it) so that we could fit their food in it too and now we have a ton of food....shouldn't need to go on a serious shopping trip for some time. Amber and I had an interesting time putting together their bathroom organizer...I'll leave it at that. Two deliriously exhausted women with tools and only pictures as directions can lead to some very inappropriate comments....I'm just sayin'. :)

Sunday we missed out on church because we were just exhausted. We all went over to their mom's for ribs and corn for lunch and then my honeys and I came back home to try and organize while Steve and Amber went to church for a dinner. Jason reorganized the garage (which is now full of all of their stuff) so that we could have a walkway. I hung up clothes and tried to clean up the kitchen. I ran by the store and when I came home we sat outside for a bit with our sweet pea. Jason has been working on a necklace that will help him remember to pray for Israel. It's a cross made out of cedar with a star of David carved into it. Really neat!!

I think we finally managed to pass out around 11 and I was up at 7:30 (well 3:30 to feed the baby and back down at 4:00). Jason made us omelets. They went looking at houses and I went out with my lil booger while Jason worked on putting a window unit in our Florida room. Thank God we had a day off today....and thank God for those that died, the very reason we have this day off. Gabe and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I could buy some Wonder Hangers to help alleviate space problems in our closet and their closet. I bumped in to an old professor from college...whom I absolutely adore...and we caught up a bit. I met the family at Ling's Buffet for lunch, then we went over to Southern Hospitality in Plant City. We've decided that we really do want to decorate our house cabin style which might mean some things have to go but that's okay. Jason found an awesome entertainment center that he's actually going to make. Why pay $3800 for something when you have an amazingly talented husband who can build it? He's already measured and drawn out everything on paper. I can't wait!!! It's gonna be off the chain!!

So, our house now consists of 4 adults, 2 children under the age of 1, one boxer dog, one papillon dog, and one cat....oh and A LOT more stuff. But, we're getting creative with space and while it's still a work in progress, we'll get there. So that was my weekend....

And I am super sleepy so I'm gonna get off of here, and get some things done so I won't need to do them later...


Monday, May 23, 2011


What a busy weekend!! Friday night I spend about 2 1/2 hours grocery shopping. I was trying my hardest at couponing and finding great deals and while I brought home a lot and only spent $100, I only saved about $18. But I will get there. I have to build up my supply of coupons I suppose. I bought my expandable file to keep my newspaper inserts in and now I just need the elusive baseball card holders...cannot find them anywhere.

I stayed up until 11 Friday night to clean up the kitchen and dining room a bit and then I was up @ 5 am with Gabe and proceeded to finish cleaning the rest of the house. Hubby helped me clean our bed room and then I cleaned both bathrooms, swept the floors, baked red velvet cupcakes, and did laundry. I didn't get to make the cheesecake stuffed cupcakes but I made little mini cupcakes and they were still good.

My s-i-l Tina came over to decorate and did a really nice job and then about noon, everyone else came over for Jason's birthday. We had chicken and yellow rice, chips and dip, veggies, and other odds and ends. Jason received some of the sweetest cards.

Later that evening we went to Shoot Straight in Lakeland to look at guns, left empty-handed for the 2nd time, then went to Applebee's with a gift card he got. Got decent sleep Saturday night I suppose and then Sunday we went to church. A couple in our church just got back from hiking 700 miles from the bottom of Israel to the top. They are founders of a ministry called Walk Worthy and they walk all over the place to minister to other hikers/wanderers who are in search of something and they tell them about Jesus. They shared their testimony of Israel with us....such a neat couple. Their names are Randy and LuAnne but their hiker names are Chuck (because he really does look like Chuck Norris) and Tigger (I think, but don't remember why her's is Tigger). They own nothing except the clothes on their backs and the items they hike with....they are truly and inspiration and a model of what it means to BRING the Good News to people.

After church we went to a baby pageant for Gabe's cousin Preston. He won his division. Of course he happened to be the only boy but we decided that was because all the others knew they couldn't compete against his cuteness:)

We had a fire last night on the patio and roasted hot dogs and corn on the cob with Steve & Amber. Gabe fell asleep around 5, woke back up around 6ish, ate, and fell right back to sleep about 6:30. And he was OUT! Usually, whether he is sleeping or not, I give him a bath and try to feed him again before he goes to bed officially but he seemed so tired that I just let him be. And he slept until 4am. He slept all night on his belly. When I laid him in his crib, he immediately flipped over. I tried flipping him back and he flipped over again so I let him. But this was the first time he's ever slept on his tummy at night so every single noise I heard I thought was him. Needless to say, I didn't get much I had tummy cramps throughout the night. I woke up this morning and felt just yuck. I think my constant going going going has me about gone gone gone.

We headed to school already running 15 minutes late but on the way there, I spilled coffee all over myself. Of course I immediately start to cry because I am so tired, I'm out of sick days, and I just want to go home and stay there. And Jason convinced me. He reminded me about our $1000 emergency fund we have in place now and said that's what that is for...and nothing is important enough for you to put yourself through that. So I came home, put my absence in the system, emailed my podmates my sub plans, and went back to sleep. I think I was only able to get an hour in though...I forced myself awake from a crazy dream where gang bangers had entered our home and I was shooting at them and actually killing them...creepy and so not how I want my sleep to be interrupted. How about a dream of fluffy white bunnies frolicking through a field of flowers? Wouldn't that be more relaxing than killing a bunch of intruders. Seriously, I need a vacation.

So here I am now...updating my blog with a raging headache. My normal proofreading self is going to click the publish button without rereading what I just wrote so if it is riddled with a gazillion typos, deal with it. This English teacher is exhausted and ready for the next 3 weeks to just go!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today....was borderline horrid. It was my hubby's birthday and I didn't even have a card for him so I started out feeling awful. I wasted 30 minutes of my morning time waiting on a parent to show for a conference. She never did. And although 2nd and 4th period were great today, 6th period led me into a fury. I actually SLAMMED the office door I was so angry. Yea, it phased them for about...3 seconds. I was extremely close to tears, which I have NEVER been during a class ever before. I feel so bad for the hard working, respectful, polite kids because they are constantly overshadowed by the other idiots. I'm so tired of students not caring, or thinking they can get away with anything, or not taking responsibility, or instigating and acting like they're innocent. I'm over parents enabling their children. Now, some parents KNOW how their child acts but many either have no clue or don't care because it is surely ridiculous how many parents think their child is an angel. I gots news for ya....

Yesterday, I came across 2 open positions at a school I interviewed for back in November. I wanted to transfer there SO bad but they chose someone with more experience over me. But she really liked me then and told me to make sure I apply if another position ever opened. I laughed inside. Like another Language Arts position is going to open up at a school that has barely any turn over. Suuuuure....

And then there they were...not one but TWO Language Arts positions at this school. Please Jesus! I applied for both and since I've already interviewed once, hopefully I'll have an advantage. It's a magnet 'A' school...with students who actually like to learn. I'm not even sure how I would be able to handle that. I might go through a bit of culture shock if I get this job. :)

Went to Longhorn's tonight for hubby's birthday. Twas yummy. Saturday we're having a mini get together here and I will be trying my hand at red velvet cheesecake cupcakes. Sure hope they turn out well...or I'll be going to purchase a Publix cake. 

Gabe will be 4 months old tomorrow. I can't even think about it. 

The four month mark makes me nervous now. I've been following the blog of a woman who lost her 4 month old precious girl to SIDS back in February. I think she passed one day after her 4 month birthday. And since following her inspirational and emotional blog, I have run across similar stories and many of them happen around that 4 month stage. I know it might sound silly and I need to trust God for his safety but as a mother, it still gives me the willies. Anyways, I have so much fun watching him learn and grow, even though time refuses to stand still for me and sooner than I know it, he'll be walking and talking. I love him more than words can even express...

That's why, I hope I get this job. I think I would actually enjoy teaching then...and I want my son to know I like my job. And honestly, right now, I don't. That's awful, I know. But the summer is almost here and then I can relax with my boy and enjoy peace. Oh sweet peace...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

16 Days....

That, my friends, is how many days are left in this very long and frustrating school year. And the good thing is: time is flying. The bad thing is: time is flying. Ha! I like time to fly when it's school. I do not like time to fly when my son is growing up so fast. He will be 4 months old on Friday!!! How in the world has it been 4 months already?!? On Monday afternoon, while I was of course on the phone with our insurance agent, he flipped from his back to his tummy and then back over again. Took me a second to even realize what he'd done and then I flipped out. I think my agent was scared. Ha! He's been flipping from tummy to back since he was 4 weeks old and now he's done the opposite. Then he actually belly laughed with daddy. Daddy can make him laugh more than I can apparently. I joke that it's because he looks funny...but no, daddy is funny and he looooves his daddy.

Tomorrow is my hubby's 27th birthday and what do I have for him? Nothing. This is the first year since we've been together that I have not given a ton of thought to his birthday. I suppose it's because I've been a little preoccupied lately but still...I feel horrible. We're celebrating with the fam on Saturday so hopefully I'll have time before then to think of something.

We finally sold the bike on Saturday! So as of this morning, our emergency fund is funded with $1000 and my car is paid off....PAID OFF!!! I love those 2 words. Tomorrow, my Discover card will be paid off and Jason's credit card will be paid off and then we'll have one small bank loan left and one interest free card left with balances...well, and my wonderful student loans...but isn't that more of an investment? No, it's debt. I know. It feels so good to finally pay my car off after 7 long years. I leased that car in February of 2004, financed it in February of 2007, and now, in May of is paid off! Do the happy dance!!!

Sunday morning, my poor hubby woke at 3am with the stomach flu. I think that may be what Gabe had, only a milder form. So he was up for 5 hours vomiting. Took him to the doc and he got some drugs and was feeling better by mid-afternoon and then of course, I got it. Thank God I didn't have it as bad as he did but I did stay home on Monday. It amazes me how those 24 hour things seem to last LITERALLY for 24 hours. I think I started feeling it around 3pm Sunday and around 3 pm Monday was feeling great. So strange....

I'm really excited about how my view of money has changed. I was watching some show on Cribs Priciest Pads or something and some girl had over 300 pairs of shoes and like 200 purses. Now, normally, I would think, "Wow, that's a lot of shoes and way too many purses." But I actually got really sick to my stomach thinking about the excess that we have in this country. If all the sports players and actors and multi-millionaires would just give 1 or 2% of what they have to those who don't have at all, I don't think there would be much need left.

I refuse to use credit for anything anymore. If we don't have the money, then we don't need the item. I've never been a big FAN of credit. I've always realized it's potentional for destruction and tried my hardest not to use credit cards and we had zero balances on all cards until the house b/c of course, there was paint to buy and area rugs, and groceries, a fridge, and W/D and other things that we INITIALLY did not have the money for...but no more. Besides, the Bible clearly states, "The borrower is slave to the lender." I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a slave to someone who takes my money. I want to be a servant of Christ, something I can't be fully until I cut the chains of debt off completely. After all our initial debt (besides house) is paid off, then we can start on a fully funded emergency fund and then once that is funded, we can start paying more on the house and pay it off early! How awesome would it be to be COMPLETELY financially free? What could you do with all that money that you wouldn't have to give to someone else? Oh, the possibilities!

Okay, well enough of my rant. I need to go make copies for my kids today! Toodles...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, yesterday was quite eventful. I was supposed to have a Body by Vi Shake Party last night but because I didn't have enough people to say they were coming, I didn't want my friend/distributor to waste her gas so I cancelled it until further notice. God knew though...

When hubby picked me up from work, he said Gabriel had thrown up one entire bottle on him around noon and then another entire bottle around 3. Not your normal spit-up but straight up soaked him. When he threw up at 3, he actually held him over the sink...poor little guy. And yet, he did not fuss. He was still smiley and happy but he threw up an entire bottle...twice. So, he knew something wasn't right. He called his pediatrician and they said to try 2 oz. of pedialyte every hour and if he held it down until 8 then we could try 2 oz. of formula, wait and see if he held that down too. Well, we stopped by Publix and not knowing, I figured, "Oh, surely he'll like the flavored stuff over the non-flavored." So we got home and tried but he gagged and coughed and pushed it out of his mouth each time. So I tried calling the Dr. on call at his ped's again but no answer. We both decided that he is too precious to take any chances and we didn't want him to get dehydrated so we packed up and headed to the ER. Got there around 5 and didn't actually get a room in the Pediatric ER until about 7 or or 7:30. Then it was another 45 minutes until the Dr. finally came in. I got the nurse prior to that though and asked her why it was taking so long. She came in and tried a 2 oz bottle of unflavored pedialyte and he took an ounce and a half of that. Then, because he had tasted something, he wanted more. It was after 8 and he'd had nothing in his stomach since the morning. I know my son and he was hungry. So when the Dr. comes in, he starts screaming and she wonders why...SERIOUSLY LADY?!? Why do you think? So she finally mixed some formula with pedialyte and he guzzled those 2 oz down. That was 8:30 and then he fell asleep. Around 8:45 the Dr. came back in to check on him and said she would go ahead and start the discharge papers in a FEW minutes. 

Now, I don't know what you think when you hear FEW, but I think 15 minutes tops. Ha! We are still sitting there at 9:30 so we packed him up and walked out the door. I was ready to just leave until the nurse said that insurance will bill me the whole amount if I leave without being discharged. UGH! Really? So back in we went and it wasn't until 10:00 that someone finally came in with the papers. So 5 hours later and what information do we have? NONE! Is it a stomach bug? No clue. Is it a formula allergy? Not sure. So when the bill for that Dr. comes, I'd really like to send back the little 2 oz bottle of formula she gave us and tell her, "That's your payment, lady. Cause seriously, what did you even do?" I was so irritated. Mama Bear was not happy (and she was hungry). The nurse was great and I tried my hardest not to take it out on her b/c I know she had no control. It really burns my biscuits that the nurses are the ones that do 95% of the work and get 5% of the pay while the Dr. does 5% of the work and gets 95% of the pay.  And I'm sorry, but if you're a DOCTOR that works in PEDIATRICS, shouldn't you know how to handle a baby? Just sayin....

If I could have gotten away with it, I think I would've just taken him back upstairs to NICU where they took such good care of him the first 7 days of his life. At least they know what they're doing...

So we were home around 10:30 where I fed him 2 oz of pedialyte and then 3 oz of formula. He kept that down and I put him to bed shortly before 11. I got to bed around 11:30 without dinner at all and he slept until 5ish...better than what I was gearing up for. He took 5 oz and kept that down and then around 7:30 I fed him another 5 oz. Now he's asleep in his swing and I have a feeling he's going to be sleeping a lot today. Yesterday probably wore him out.

I had plans to get a lot of stuff done around the house but I'm so exhausted that I really just want to sit here in my jammies and nap all day. much to do. Gotta push through the exhaustion. Isn't that what mothers do daily anyway?

Okay, I guess I need to get dressed and get some stuff cleaned up and picked up around the house. Have a blessed Saturday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ramblings I have to Ramble Out....

I promised myself tonight that after the baby was down, the bottles were washed, and this mama had taken her shower, I would go straight to bed. But unfortunately I have too many thoughts running through my head right now that I need to get them out or I will just lay awake for the next few hours pondering over them.

Let me first say...I LOVE MY LIFE! I do...I would not trade this crazy beautiful ride for anything in this entire world or beyond. But sometimes...I just need a break. There are 20 days left in this school year and I feel like every day is a battle with myself. Now that Gabriel seems to be sleeping through the night, you would think that would mean this mama has more energy. Well, that's what you get for thinking...and me too. I am E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D! I feel like I'm running a marathon. I get up at 5:30 at the latest usually to feed my boy (thank God he's sleeping thru the night now), I get myself ready, get his diaper bag ready (unless Jason beats me to it), eat myself some breakfast, get Gabe ready to go and then we're out the door by 7am...most mornings. Jason drives me to work as I chug a cup of coffee (without which my students would be in some serious trouble) and I'm at work by 7:30 or earlier every morning. I grade papers, plan my lesson, read emails, respond to emails, chat (vent) with my pod mates, complain when the bell rings, teach my classes to the best of my ability while running on what feels like empty, leave at 4 when J picks me up, go home, usually spend time with my sweet boy, figure out something for dinner, get dishes done if need be, feed & bathe my son, and around 8:30 or 9:00 try to have him officially down for the night. Then I wash his bottles and take a shower. Sometimes I can get to bed before 10 but most nights it is after.

And I just re-read what I wrote and realized that no where in my day does it include what should be a number one priority - - - Jesus.

And now tears are streaming down my face because I wrote this whole thing and just realized my own problem. I came on her to let go of some things and realized that a lot of what I have been feeling would go away if I made time for my Savior. I can make excuses but none of them really work because if I can make time to go on facebook or watch even one TV show, I can make time to spend with my Creator.

So...on that note...I am going to take my teary-eyed self to bed and probably pray myself to sleep.

Good night.

And the title of my blog tonight should probably be renamed...Epiphany.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day!

This weekend has been one of the busiest since Gabe was born. Friday night my mom and her roommate/best friend Faye came down and then my best friend was in Florida from Canada so she came over with her sweet baby girl (and Gabe's future wife:) We ordered pizza and just had a good time together.

Gabriel slept from 8:30-6:30 Friday night (SCORE!) and then mom and I worked in the yard while Faye watched him. I worked hard digging out some large plants that just had to go from our back yard. After we showered and ate some lunch, Jason stayed home with our babe and we ladies went out and about for a while. We went to our new yogurt place inside Books-a-Million called Yogurt Mountain...DELISH! I had coconut mixed with triple chocolate and put Reese's and shaved coconut on top....Heaven in a cup I tell you.

Then Saturday night we had our baby dedication. It was so beautiful. There were 6 babies that were dedicated and Jason's whole family pretty much came! Gabe interacted with his cousin Preston who is only 5 days older for the first time and it was all sorts of cuteness. He got a Baby's First Keepsake Bible with his name engraved on it. They really made it special for us. Love my church!

Sunday morning, we went to early service and then after the babies were introduced in the 2nd service, Jason and I went to his mom's for some lunch. We got home around 2ish and then left aroun 3:00 to go to his brother's apartment to swim. Gabe was put in the pool for the first time and LOVED it! We lathered him up with 50 SPF and only kept him out for about 20 minutes but he loved the water...just like his mama. Can't wait to take him to the beach this summer!!! After swimming, we all went out to ABC Pizza in Plant City for Mother's Day with Jason's mom. We got home around 7:30, were all in bed by 9ish and Gabriel slept until 5:15. Love that he's sleeping thru the night now!! And he is so happy in the morning.

We changed his formula from Enfamil to Similac Sensitive on Friday and he like a new baby! So happy and smiley and I actually got him to LAUGH this morning. He's actually sitting in my lap as I write this just staring intently at what I'm doing. Love this sweet boy!

My first Mother's Day was wonderful because I spent it with my hubby and smiley son! Love being a mommy! And my kids were great today....which was shocking. Even my worst student was on task and polite today!!! Hope the rest of the week goes by just as well!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Blink...

Today was a good day. I had an all day training for LFS but it was actually interesting. I don't absolutely love Professional Development although I know it's necessary, but today I actually enjoyed it and learned a lot. Plus, I didn't have to teach. just need a break.

I was talking with a co-worker whose wife just had their daughter 2 weeks ago. He was asking me questions and I told him, "Just don't blink." I still can't believe it's been 3 1/2 months since I gave birth to that precious boy of mine. If this is any inclination as to how fast he's going to grow up, then you can just stop time now.

We're having him dedicated Saturday night at our church and part of our "homework" prior to the dedication is to write out what type of person we want him to be in 18 years. I cried writing it. I don't want to think about that already. I mean, I understand the concept behind it and planning for the future so we'll raise him up right, but I want my little boy to stay little and cuddly and innocent and amazed by everything. I prayed over him tonight when I put him down and when I placed my hand on his tummy to pray, he put his soft little precious hand on top of mine. Oh how I love that beautiful gift...

Then he jabbered himself to sleep. He is too cute and I can't believe how big he's getting. In just one week, he looks like he has put on some serious chunk. I am so unbelievably blessed to be his mother...and to be the wife of one amazing man...and to be the daughter of a mother whom I pray I can be half as wonderful as. Sunday is Mother's Day and now understanding her even more, what can I possibly give her to show my gratitude? Nothing seems right...

Friday night one of my best friends will be here with her daughter. She's visiting from Canada and I can't wait to see how she interacts with Gabriel.

I had my final evaluation by our principal today. It went pretty well. I was satisfactory in a few areas, but most of those had to do with all the new changes and I just haven't perfected everything (totally know I need to improve) but I scored high performing in several areas too. I never expect to score outstanding (the top) because as a 2nd year teacher, I am not even close. I have so much more learning to do and so many ways I can improve.

Looking forward to the weekend when my mom and her roommate Faye will be here. Hoping to get some work done in the yard on Saturday morning.

Well, my eyes are starting to droop so that's my cue. Nighty night!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

It is teacher appreciation week this week and I wasn't too sure how we were going to be "appreciated." But, admin had breakfast for us this morning and then my pod got the last block of the day off to leave and do whatever we wanted. AWESOME! So I got to come home right after 2 instead of 4 like normal. Awesome!!! I was supposed to have a meeting right after school but if they think I'm coming all the way back...they are sadly mistaken.

My sweet boy has been just jabbering away but any time I get the camera out to video him, he shuts up. He's camera shy. Silly boy.

Yesterday was a great day! Awesome church service, then a friend from Ocala was in town and she came to visit! Haven't seen her since August so it was so nice to see her and catch up on her life! 

I did, however, manage to step on a piece of glass and get it embedded in my foot. But no worries! Hubby was there to play surgeon and got the glass out and doctored me up! What would I do without him?

I so wish we could sell his crotch rocket. We're really trying so we can take some of the money we would get and pay for his home inspection course. He could make so much more money doing home inspections instead of what he's doing know...which is basically screwing up his body physically. He could work when he wanted and he would be so good at it. He already inspects every little thing when we go somewhere anyway. With the money he would make with that, we could pay off debt faster and build our emergency fund faster and actually have more money to invest in our future and Gabe's future. 

I know that God is going to bless us because He's blessed us in so many ways already that I cannot even measure them...we just have to remain faithful in the small things. 

My paycheck this month was a lot smaller and since I'm the primary money maker, we are definitely feeling it. But we're tightening the reigns and trusting in God because it's all His anyway. 

Well, since I'm home early, I think I should get some stuff done around the house. So, peace out for now!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is the Day....

...the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!

It's a beautiful morning here in Lakeland. It was a beautiful morning yesterday too. My hubby, Gabriel, Cheyanne (our boxer), and I went for a walk around a lake yesterday at Lake Parker Park. It was gorgeous and we found the place we want to have Gabe's 1st Birthday...not that I particularly want to think about that this soon but from a money standpoint, we need to. We're taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class at church on Wednesdays and it is transforming the way I look at money. From now on, when we know something that costs money is approaching, we save for longer waiting until the last minute and then breaking the bank.

Gabe held onto a teething ring for the first time last night and actually sorta put it in his mouth...but then he got bored with it and reverted back to his fingers...ha! What are ya gonna do?

Looking forward to church this morning...our youth pastor and children's pastor are being ordained this morning and we are celebrating our pastor's 15th year at Midway. Should be a great day!

Hopefully we'll get to spend some time with a good friend who is in town today. 

And one of my two besties will be here from Canada this week! Can't wait to see her and her precious daughter...Gabe's future wife :)

Only 28 days left with students at school and then SUMMER!!! My s-i-l and I are going to start couponing together and working out with the Kinect when they move in. I told her we were going to be money saving hot mamas before long;)

Well, I guess I need to go get ready for church so I'm not rushing around later. 

Have a blessed Sunday!