Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Love My Boy

It's about 8pm here and I'm watching my boy lying on his play mat watching Phineas and Ferb and wiggling all over the place. 

School was okay today. Sent one student out who wouldn't shut up for 2 seconds to let me say anything to the class. I sure hope he's gone for good soon. I feel like I finally take a breath when the clock strikes 4 and I get to go home to my son and my hubby. No matter what kind of a mood I'm in, his smile can make me feel worlds better. Love my sweet precious boy to pieces. 

I told my hubs Jason that I want to learn something new. I just have this desire to learn how to do to bake really yummy treats, or sew things, or something else. Actually, I really want to learn how to garden. We are planning, when we have the money to do it, to build a no dig garden on our screened in patio. We want to start growing vegetables and other things to become somewhat self-sufficient and to save money. I also want to really learn how to coupon...not just random coupons here and there but how to coupon to seriously save money. I mean, I'm not planning on stockpiling a 1000 rolls of toilet paper in the closet or anything but I really do want to save money on groceries. 

I'm hoping I can get my coupons somewhat organized this summer. Oh summer....I cannot wait! I thought I was ready for summer last year but I have never wanted a summer vacation so badly. There is so much I want to accomplish this summer...but my first priority will be my lil man! 

My husband's younger brother and his wife and their little baby girl are moving in at the end of May to save up money to buy a house so this place will be utterly crazy much as I enjoy my life as it is now...I'm kinda excited for the adventure. My sweet niece Mileena loves her cousin and it won't be long before he will be able to sit up on his own and actually play with her. It seems like a long way off but this summer is going to fly and my boy will be 6 months old in July.   ........ Okay, mild heart attack. I don't even want to think about it. He is growing so fast and changing and learning. Before I know it, it will be January and he will be a year old!! Not fair! 

He is talking up a storm and smiling constantly now. I think slowly but surely he is growing out of his super gassy stage. He still has his moments where he gets really painful gas but their becoming less and less. He's moved up to the 3-6 month nipples on his bottle already and eats much faster now...nice for me at 3am :)

Well, I'm going to love on my boy some more before he gets ready for bed. 

Good night, world!

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