Monday, April 21, 2014

God Doesn't Care About My Bucket List

I've been thinking a lot about this topic lately. While I am generally a realist who knows that many of the things that I desire to do will never happen, I still have "dreams." But in my quest to go deeper with Christ and really follow after Him, I have come to what might be a startling conclusion for some: God really doesn't care so much about my bucket list - you know - the list of things I want to do before I "kick the bucket."

Does God care about the small details in our lives? Yes!
Does He care about the things that we care about? Absolutely!

But there is a line drawn and many of us never notice it.

At this point, I'm thinking it might be of importance to back up a few paces and clear this up a bit. I would dare say that it depends on what is on your bucket list. Because, I know some people and their bucket list has nothing but Kingdom work on it and I would venture a guess that He would be ALL about that bucket list and your desire to do His work. But what about the other less "Kingdom-y" goals?

Here are a few of mine:
-Take a Disney Cruise with my family
-Spend a week in the mountains with just my hubby
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Buy a new car without financing
-Be able to build the home of our dreams

There are more on this bucket list of mine and are any of them wrong? No. There's nothing wrong or sinful about these particular items. But when I look at them, I don't see anything in them that would advance the Kingdom. And if it's not benefiting the Kingdom, I'm not entirely sure God will see fit to carry them out. 

---Insert 1.5 week break here where I didn't work on this blog because,!

In the last 6 weeks, God has turned my life upside down. He has begun to break my heart for what breaks His in ways I cannot even begin to describe. He has flip-flopped my priorities, trampled my own desires, and chiseled away the more hidden sins I carry. 

My ultimate goal has changed drastically and that is that my desires would begin to match His. That's all I really want. Would I do all the things on the list above if given the time, money, and opportunity? Probably. But if none of those ever happen, I am perfectly fine with that. As long as I have followed the will of my Father and sought Him with all of my heart, I will have accomplished the greatest bucket list item of all - to become more like Him and less like me. That's all I really want. I want to resemble my Father more than myself. 

So, I really don't think God cares as much about my aforementioned bucket list. Does that mean He won't provide an opportunity for me to cross one or more of those items off my list? No. He very well could. But I don't think any of those are His goals for my life either. He has a much bigger and better plan and I am all about THAT!

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I love this list for many reasons:
-Following Jesus means taking risks so if you're following Jesus, you're currently accomplishing #2.
-Changing lives is what following Jesus is about...making disciples. It's the great commission in 3 words.
-Letting go is forgiveness. Enough said.
-You'll stumble and fall and do stupid things but God works all things for good so, no regrets people.
-Live out your faith. Live it and all the rest will fall into line. 

So, what's on your "bucket list?"

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