Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where is the Love?

If you follow political/religious news or social media AT ALL, then you've probably heard by now about the decision by world relief organization, World Vision, to change its hiring policies to include homosexuals who are married and are faithful to their marriages; while at the same time they require their single employees to abstain from sex until marriage. Okay, here goes: I do not at all agree with the stance that World Vision has taken. They are essentially condoning one sin while still "outlawing" another. They are essentially saying that, "Hey you can work for us if you sin this way, but you can't if you sin that way." That makes zero sense to me, but whatever. That's my mature way of closing that argument: whatever.

On the other hand, sin is sin and WE ALL DO IT! Show me one person who hasn't sinned, besides my Savior. And here's the real issue: isn't one of our Lord's greatest commandments to love ALL? My biggest problem with this whole situation is that now there are professing Christians CHOOSING to pull their support of children who rely on them for food and clean water and shelter and education simply because they don't like what World Vision did. Now, I don't sponsor a World Vision child but I have in the past and I currently sponsor a Compassion International child and as long as my sponsorship keeps her belly full, her thirst quenched, and her family thriving - I really don't care about the hiring policies of the organization. I really don't.

Yes, homosexuality is a sin and God doesn't like it...but he also doesn't like it when we gossip, or lie, or cheat, or (insert sin here). I've grown increasingly irritated with "Christians" who decide to boycott anything that "breaks God's heart." They are the first to point out the speck in someone else's eye without even thinking about the big giant plank protruding from their own. You know what else breaks God's heart? Starving children! So, yes, maybe World Vision's decision-making is a bit skewed and it might be doubling back on a standard they had previously set but when's the last time you made a poor decision or compromised or did something that was stupid? Did people give up on you? Did they give up on your family or the people close to you because of your decisions?

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of the widow and orphan. Not sure about anyone else's but my Bible doesn't say "do all these things...unless of course the organization you're working through decides to hire someone who sins openly." I don't see the logic in the arguments of professing Christians who are blaming World Vision for causing them to pull their sponsorship and I definitely don't see how one could sleep at night after choosing to "stick it to World Vision" rather than keep the bellies of these sweet and precious children full. 

Where's the love, folks? Have you forgotten? 
"The greatest of these is love."
"Love covers a multitude of sins."
"Love your neighbor."
"Love never fails."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see the love here. Where is the love in choosing to betray innocent children in the name of religious correctness? Basically, it all boils down to loving the kids and not worrying about what sins are being allowed openly in the workplace of the organization. Love. The. Kids.

That is all.

How could you give up faces like these?
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***Oh, and this just in: World Vision actually reversed its original decision and is sticking to biblical principles in its hiring policy. Great...but the above rant still stands. 

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