Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Case of Crazy

I know, I know. It's been another month since I blogged. I am telling you, if this life could get any crazier, you'd have to stick me in the loony bin. Mostly, my mind has been consumed with work...all things grades, lesson plans, data, ever-changing seating charts, FCAT prep, Common Core, etc., etc., etc. If I could wedge something else into this tiny brain of mine, it would be a miracle. I have never been so mentally exhausted in my career. I am working harder now than I think I ever have at my job and have been at work late for almost the last 2 weeks...and by late I mean a good hour/hour and a half past my contract time, not to mention the work I bring home with me and do - no, really, I have actually been DOING the work I bring home. Shocker!

Sadly, all of this has made me feel slightly estranged from my loving family. Thankfully, I have an amazingly understanding and supportive husband. There have been so many changes at work and just when I think I've gotten used to something, another change pops up. When I cross one thing off my list, 5 more get added and I don't feel like I'm catching up, ever. And surprisingly, this is not a case of procrastination. I am actually staying on top of grading and whatnot but I just have SO MUCH! Unfortunately, it's not just me. This is quite simply...the life of a teacher.

I am also in the midst of kicking my 31 Gifts business up a notch and am really seeing God open doors for me. For those that don't know, this business is giving me the express opportunity to give to others and will hopefully, as time progresses, allow us to pay off some debt and save extra money. So with my increased business volume, I will be staying busy with that too (but that's fun stuff!).

I do have several topics I want to blog about but my thoughts are slightly incoherent at the moment and I want to make sure I word things eloquently. I simply wanted to let my faithful few readers know that I am still here and I haven't forsaken my blog...I've just been on an unplanned hiatus. I will return...

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