Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Traffick Jam

Can you stomach the thought of your 4 or 5 year old son or daughter or grandchild or niece or nephew or sister or brother being sold into slavery and being forced to have sex night after night? I can't. And I won't.

My amazing church is sponsoring an event this Saturday called "Traffick Jam." It is a 10 mile walk where each walker raises money and all that money goes to Cambodia to an organization called the "Hard Places" where a woman rescues young children from the trafficking that goes on in that country.

It's not just happening in Cambodia though. It's happening all over - even here in Florida. We were told in church a few weeks ago that the I-4 corridor between Orlando and Tampa in which we are located is one of the worst for trafficking. After hearing that, my husband and I have driven the interstate in a different way. We often find ourselves looking at tractor trailers that are on the road, wondering what exactly they are carrying in those trailers.

On the Hard Places website you can go on and read a few stories of rescued children. Their backstories are heartbreaking, mind-numbing, vomit-inducing stories of absolute torture. There is no other way to describe it. What these precious babies go through is nothing short of torture. And doing nothing...is no longer an option. So I'm doing something.

I am not physically fit. I have not walked in preparation for this as much as I should have. But I will do it. If my Savior can walk the Via Del a Rosa with a cross on His bloody and flesh-torn back up to Golgotha and climb onto a cross for me, then the LEAST I can do is walk 10 miles around a beautiful lake. The LEAST I can do is walk for those who don't have the chance to walk out of that horrendous life on their own.

So friends, this week is your last chance to sponsor me as a walker. I want to raise as much as possible so please...any little amount will help. How much would you spend if it were your child?

Go to http://www.fuelcommunitychurch.com/traffickjam
Fill out your information and type your amount into the One-Time Donation box. I'm only asking for $10 but if you want to give more, don't let that stop you! Then write my name in the box that says "Additional Information." And let me know if you do make a donation so I can personally thank you. Saturday is the big day...from 9am-3pm at Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland. If you live in the area, come out and check it out. There will be raffles, concession stands, a bounce house (I believe, don't quote me on that), and our amazing Fuel Worship Band will be playing from 2-3. Come help us raise awareness and funds to put an end to human trafficking. Let's jam those traffick lanes!

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