Thursday, February 14, 2013

Small Victories

It's now a month and a half into the year (and into my healthy lifestyle change) and 10 days into my facebook fast. Now I must admit I have had to break the fast to create a facebook event for the Thirty-One Gifts party I'm going to host for my mom. But, I was able to simply get on, create, and log off. I didn't stay and read posts or look at pictures or any of the other mundane stuff I used to do on there. I actually deleted facebook off of my phone for the time being so that I wouldn't be tempted to check it. The only time I've gotten on other than that is to simply post the blog link.

My lifestyle change you ask? Well, I've lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the year - all by changing the way I eat. I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight and plan to keep shedding the pounds. I've known for a few weeks that I am going to have to start exercising because the weight loss will stall eventually. I've just lacked true motivation. Well, friends, that is no more. Our church announced that we will be sponsoring an event called "Traffic Jam" in April to help raise awareness of and funds to stop human trafficking. During this event, we will be asking 10 people to pledge 10 dollars for us to walk 10 miles. Ten miles is a lot...I've only ever walked 3 and am pretty beat afterward so I realized if I wanted to do this, I had to start now. Last night we went to the lake that is 3 miles in circumference (Lake Hollingsworth). I walked and pushed Gabe in the stroller and hubby rode his bike next to me. He has to ride. His poor feet won't make it. It was a lovely walk that we almost cancelled due to the dark clouds rolling in but we went anyway and we made it around in just under an hour (and it didn't start raining until our drive home). We plan to start doing that 3 days a week and on the other days, we want to do some strength training with each other in the evenings. With a tangible goal in mind, a goal bigger than myself, I know I can do this! VICTORY!

At school, teachers wear uniforms too. We have to wear black, navy, or khaki bottoms with a white, navy, or red polo with the school's star emblem on it. It doesn't bother me but yesteday I decided to wear a skirt to mix things up. I've gone the whole year only wearing pants or capris. Even the kids commented on how nice I looked in my skirt. But, what I didn't realize until I got home last night was that I wasn't hurting. What do I mean? Well, I wore skirts more last year and every day I did I was reminded by the end why I hated inner thighs would rub together and cause chafing...TMI? have to get the background. Anyway, yesterday, there was zero chafing. Even without exercising, I've lost enough that even my thighs don't rub together anymore. I was ecstatic! You might not understand that if you've never had that issue...but if you have, you get it! VICTORY!

As hubby and I walked/rode last night, we talked about how we really feel like this is our year. Our year to get healthy and lose the weight we've gained over the years. Our year to beat debt, save money, and give more. Our year to hunger and thirst after the things of God and become more and more rooted in His word. It's our year. I mentioned that I don't ever see myself going back to eating the way I used to. This is truly my new lifestyle. I don't crave soda, icecream, greasy pizza, fast food, or any of that stuff like I used to. Give me a wrap or sandwich loaded with veggies over a burger any day. I truly feel like a different person. It's the year of shedding: shedding pounds, shedding debt, shedding excess and distractions.

Last year around this time I did a 10 day fast from facebook and being 10 days in now, I'm no where near ready to quit. I'm in the word every evening before bed and if I can catch the hubby before he drifts off, I read it out loud to him and then we discuss our thoughts, questions, etc. It's been a really nice time of devotion for us and a time I've really appreciated. There's something special about reading the word with your husband. If you don't already, I encourage you to start.

Today is Valentine's Day but to me, it's just another day to show my hubby I love him. I don't need a special day. Every day is special because I have a very special man. Even so, while we won't go out, we'll try to make today even a bit more special.

I can't really explain how I feel right now - I just feel - - - good. About everything. Life is just good. With every small victory, I feel closer to my ultimate goals. I'm just gonna keep on keepin' on!


  1. Hey Kayla! Congrats on the weight loss!! That is so very awesome and you should be proud of yourself for such an accomplishment :) I wanted to let you know about a couple of food/ health/ wellness blogs that I read that have links for vegetarian recipes and fitness tips, etc. that seem to be up your alley: ( I apoologize if you've already heard of/ read these blogs, lol).

    Eating vegetarian is HARD for the first few weeks. But affter a while you learn that you can find replacements for meat in most main dishes and there really are plenty of options out there that will keep you full. Peanut butter is a classic staple for me, and nuts, beans, cheese, yogurt, veggie burgers, etc. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for you when you go veggie :) Let me know if you have any more specific questions I can try to answer :)

  2. Thanks, Jamie. I'll certainly be checking those blogs. It really is surreal to say I'm becoming a vegetarian but that is what is happening. Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot.