Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Case of the Sickies...

The last few days have been utterly exhausting...and probably 5 times that for my hubby.

I came back home Wednesday morning after going to school and getting plans together for my sub because I felt like doody. I was supposed to go home and rest but hubs was bit by the "let's get rid of stuff" bug and I have a really hard time relaxing and doing nothing while he's working. So for the first couple hours we sifted through stuff in our kitchen cabinets and on top of our counter and managed to clean out a few cabinets, load up a "get rid of" box and cleared off our counters to create more space. Our kitchen is now the cleanest it has been...ever. He then took Gabe off to his mom's so that I could rest...theoretically. I ended up vacuuming and then grading papers. I didn't actually take a nap until after he had returned. I felt better the next morning and went to work. But during the day, both my boys were growing progressively worse. By the evening, hubs felt awful and Gabe was completely congested. He fussed throughout the night and hubby also had a hard time staying asleep.

By Friday evening, when I got home, Gabe looked terrible. Constantly running nose, fever off and on, watery eyes, and completely exhausted since naps were pretty well out of the question. We set him up after a relaxing bath with some soft pillows, blankets, and some "Turtle's Tale" and he seemed content. We loaded him up with Motrin, some Hyland's cough meds, and Hyland's cold tablets, lathered his feet with some Vapor Rub and put his socks on, and put him to bed. Except for what I think was a nightmare shortly after we put him down, he slept pretty well throughout the night. He seemed to feel better yesterday morning and I thought perhaps we were all on the mend but he was just as bad last night. He did manage to sleep around the clock though which I know was good for him. No church for us today though, and we'll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. He seems to feel really good for a bit after he's had his combination of cold tablets, cough syrup, and Motrin but then he tends to hit a wall of exhaustion. It's been tough to see him like that because I just want to take it away. Our usually vibrant, energetic, active, busy boy has turned into an exhausted, content to lay and watch TV, sporadically whiny, sick little boy. I've enjoyed the extra snuggles but don't like the reason behind them.

We did do something really exciting yesterday though. We found an awesome deal on a stove on Craigslist. The stove that came with our house had only two working burners, the oven was about 30 degrees off, and pans never sat level on the coils, We've wanted a black flat top stove for some time but we're definitely not going to charge it and the best deals we could find were never under $500. But yesterday I found a guy who was selling a nice black flat top Kenmore range for $200. And thanks to our tax refund, we had it. He even delivered it and helped hubby set it up in the kitchen! It looks awesome! It breaks up more of the white and makes our clean and organized kitchen look even cleaner. We've already paid off one credit card which frees up funds to start on our debt snowball plan, we've got our emergency fund in place, and money set aside to pay back some of our family that helped us out a while ago. We were going to use some of our refund to purchase a pull behind bike trailer to put Gabe in but we decided that the oven would be a better and wiser investment. I couldn't stop smiling when they set it up. It looks so good with our black fridge. It looks almost new. We really have decided that paying full price for things now is rather ridiculous. I think the thing I love most about the oven is the fact we got such a good deal on it. The next step will be a black over the range microwave to replace the white one and a black dishwasher to replace the white one. We're in no hurry though. As we have the money and find good deals, we'll do it. But they both work fine and we're content with what we have.

For now, we're trying to concentrate on getting our boy better as well as ourselves. I really wanted to be there for the service this morning because I'm really getting a lot out of the sermon series our Pastor is doing but I really don't want to make anyone else sick.

So just pray for us, especially our little one. We want our happy, active little boy back.

No more sickies!!!

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