Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Worry? What's the Point?

So my devotion (in my 40 days to spiritual makeover book) this morning was on wearing the accessory of worry and how many of us wear it daily like an ugly purse over our shoulder. With each circumstance, situation, ordeal, or possiblility of any of the aforementioned, that purse or bag just gets heavier and heavier. And yet, we carry it like a heavy burden thinking illogically that it does some sort of good.

Hey! Incase you weren't doesn't! Worry does no one any good! I mean, Jesus even said, "Which of you by worrying can add one day to his life?" Worrying doesn't do anything but make you sick - mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Trust me - I've done my share of worrying over the last year or so. You know what it did for me? NOTHING! It did plenty TO me: it made me sick to my stomach, stressed me out, made me irritable, stole my joy, etc, etc, etc. But it never helped me.

I finally examined the areas of my life that I was worried about and there was a pattern: ultimately, those were the areas I had not fully surrendered to God. So you know what? I did surrender those areas. And peace has completely bumped worry out of its hold in my life and kicked its stinkin' butt.

Worry also means that you are not FULLY trusting God with whatever it is you are worried about. Believe me when I say that God can be trusted...He should be trusted.

At church the last 2 weeks, we have been steeped in the sermon series, "OVERWHELMED!"
It has been great! I am so thankful to be part of a body that carries each others burdens, that doesn't judge, and that prays.

Jason did not get the CSX job that he interviewed for a few weeks ago...was I worried? Nope. I had complete peace that God's will would be done and I was okay with either decision. The waiting was agonizing...I'm not very patient. But when the email finally came that he was not chosen, I was fine- completely and utterly at peace and not worried. God has always provided. He has always taken care of us. And I have no doubt, He will continue to do so.

With that said, we are still praying for God's direction in the job matter. But I know that whatever God's will is perfect. And so is His timing.

So's the simple part: Stop Worrying and trust that God will work it all out. He is the Master, Perfector, and Finisher of our faith and if He brings you to it - well, He'll bring you through it! Trust in that. Hold onto that. It's true!

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