Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ugh Politics

Let me be real for a second: I hate politics. Don't understand them. Don't like them. And honestly, could care less. Now maybe that's ignorance speaking but that's just the truth. Try as I may, I have no interest in politics. I know how important it is to be informed and educated and I also know that you can't believe everything you hear in the news...after all, the majority of the media is liberal minded and if you know me at all, you know that I am so not.

Here's the thing though: this election is madness. Is it an important election year? You betcha. But let me tell you how happy I am during this time that we don't have cable - I am so happy I don't have sit through all the nasty campaign commercials where candidates bash each other and blah, blah, blah. Half the time they spend more money and more time on telling what the other candidate is doing wrong or has done wrong and not enough time on what exactly THEY are going to do to change the current situation in America.

I'll be honest, I don't support either candidate. If I didn't feel so strongly that it was my American duty to vote, I probably just wouldn't vote at all in this election. But I do feel that it is my duty and so vote I will...though not with much excitement. I already know where my vote will go and I don't need to broadcast that to the whole world, via blogger, facebook, or any other venue. And that's what I can't stand.

I hate reading facebook posts after a debate. People's true colors sure do come out. What is the point of calling other people stupid or racist if they don't vote for your candidate? You think that's really going to change their minds? Come on, now.

I know several educated and respectable people voting for Romney and I know several educated and respectable people voting for Obama. Do I think you are stupid, racist, or have no class because you might not be voting for the same candidate as I am? Absolutely not! It's quite clear that we simply have two different views, varying values, and unique opinions. Isn't that what this country is all about anyway - diversity?

It's been said by people before that you have to separate your faith from your politics. Really? If you call yourself a Christ follower, how do you justify separating your faith from ANYTHING in your life? There are certain issues that I am simply not willing to compromise on because of my faith and the Bible that I read. I can't separate my faith from my politics - it's simply impossible.

The thing is: politicians lie. ALL of them. Show me one that hasn't or positively won't in the future and I'd probably say let's elect him! Those who think Romney tells the truth all the time are blinded. Those that think Obama has told the truth and isn't lying about things he's done are blinded. They make empty promises that they won't, don't, or can't keep. As much as they would like to think they run the country, they don't. I may be ignorant toward certain issues (taxes, homeland security, economic recovery, etc.) but I am not so naive as to think that the elections aren't somehow rigged. Does my vote REALLY matter? Maybe, maybe not. I simply don't trust the government. That's the bottom line. I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist...I just don't trust them.

So herein lies the clencher: whoever becomse president, whether Obama takes a 2nd term or Romney somehow takes the oval office, both will lie, both will break promises, and both will fail at something along the way. But God is God and Jesus is King and if we can just remember that and trust in HIM instead of a human, maybe we'd all be better off...and a little less mean and nasty during election time.

Just sayin'....

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