Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Busy Little Bee

Sweet Gabriel,
It has been too long since mommy blogged just about you! So I'm going to do it tonight. You are a little over 19 months old. You had your 18 month check up last Thursday (it was a little late b/c mommy procrastinates). You are in the 85th percentile for your weight which was 27.8 lbs I think. You've been 27 lbs for months because you eat and then you run, run, run!!! But you are in the 95th percentile for your height...which I don't remember what that was because I was focused on keeping you still but the doctor says you're going to be a big boy. 

Your smile and your laugh still make me melt. You say, "Hi!" when I walk in the door and usually bring me something like a ball or whatever you're playing with. You are definitely a daddy's boy though. If he's not in the room, all I hear is, "Dah-ee!" We just recently rearranged a bit and brought the kitchen table back into the dining room instead of the Florida room and put your toys in your room to play. We stopped using your changing table to change you because you are just too big. That was kinda sad for mommy. You're almost getting too long for your high chair so we may have to find a booster seat soon. 

You love bananas, or 'nanas as you call them and get one every morning if we have them. You also love oatmeal, eggs (especially daddy's), pancakes, and almost any breakfast food. You've been weird about chicken lately but you love pasta and meatballs and carrots and peas, applesauce, goldfish, cheerios, and anything else that anybody else anywhere near you is eating. You're doing fairly well feeding yourself as long as it's something thick....but even then, sometimes you get frustrated and just dig in with your hands. I probably should stop you from doing that but hey, I figure whatever works best for ya! You love love love your almond milk. We don't give you regular dairy milk because you seem to have congestion anytime we give it to you.

You are sleeping about 11-12 hours a night. You go to sleep usually between 7 & 8 depending on how you're acting and you wake up between 6 & 7. Then you usually take a nap around 9:30 and sleep for a couple of hours. You're a very good sleeper. You don't fight 'nigh nigh.' I give you your binky and your blankey (both of which you call your "memes") and you will usually go right to sleep at night. 

You love bath time! Now you follow me into the bathroom and wait for me to take your clothes and diaper off so you can get in. You like to play with your little toys but you especially like to splash and run your hands through the running water. 

Although you keep us super busy, I am loving this age. You have so much personality. Everywhere we go you want to tell people HI! You seem to have a 6th sense for knowing exactly who you can really trust, although sometimes I think that's just a cool kid thing. You play really well with other kids and you are attached to your cousin, Mileena. You two are hysterical together. She has taught you a lot of words but now you're at that age where you are mimicking everything. I think you have learned the word 'toot' tonight...that would be my fault. And while we're on the subject, when you do toot, you smile and then make the same sound with your mouth. Silly boy!

You have learned to sign please but when you say it, it sounds like "me." So when you ask for a "bite please" it really sounds like "bite me." That's okay...we're working on it. You also sign "thank you" even though it looks like you're blowing a kiss and you sign "more" and say "mo." You also tell us when your cup, or "bah bah" is empty by shaking it back and forth and going "ee ee." I am currently trying to teach you to fold your hands when we pray but we're not quite getting it. It's alright...I know it will come when it's modeled enough for you.

I have a lot I want to teach you and probably could if you could just sit and pay attention...but nope, you'd rather be running around doing your own thing. You are certainly Mr. Independent. That's okay. It'll come. You just be a kid! 

Mommy and daddy love you and although sometimes we miss the little tiny baby that needed us for everything, you bring us so much joy everyday. I hope you never forget how much we love you.

Before your 1st haircut but you have that face I can't resist. 

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