Thursday, June 28, 2012


We're into Week 2 of the big change around here. Mommy's home for the summer and hubby has gone back to work. As many of you know, he got a job with CSX (which has the best benefits ever!). And with having him home for the last year and a has been quite the adjustment.

This month has been the hardest financially so it's no coincidence that he started this month. He's mostly worked 11-7 which really hasn't been too bad. He gets some time in the morning to spend with Gabe before he heads out and then I usually put Gabe down around 7 and fix dinner. Since the job is in Orlando, he doesn't get home until around 7:45 or 8:00 so when he walks in, dinner is usually done and the house is picked up of Gabe's toys. It makes me feel good to have dinner ready for him and a nice neat house when he walks in.

The last 2 days have been a bit more difficult and are probably a sampling of what might be to come. He's worked overtime the last 2 days from 8am-7pm. So he's left at 6:30am (he leaves early just to be prepared for any traffic along the way) and gets home around 7:45pm. He has seen Gabe briefly in the morning before he left and I have made it a point to keep him up until he got home. I must say though, that I like the 11-7 schedule. I like that he gets to spend time with him in the morning and I like that at that time of night, even if Gabe is awake, he's winded down. Last night, while I cooked and we waited for daddy to get home, he laid on the couch and watched a turtle movie...just laid there. If you know my son, you know he doesn't just LAY anywhere. But he did. It was nice to be able to keep him awake to see daddy but still have the chance to get dinner ready.

And so daddy and I have still been able to put him to bed together and pray over him and he doesn't make a peep all night. It sounds crazy but I swear he falls asleep faster and sleeps better (as in doesn't wake up at all) when we make it a point to pray over him.

As for me, being full time mommy again has felt good. I haven't had this for a very long time. And while I've gone a bit stir crazy being cooped up in the house due to no gas money, I feel like I'm getting to know my son. You never realize how much you miss out on while being a working mom until you have the opportunity to stay home. So SAHM's...don't take it for granted.

I finally got my paycheck today which means from here on out, I don't think we'll be freaking out about money. He'll get his first check next week and gets paid biweekly after that. We'll no longer have to rely on those stupid credit cards which will be cut up and never used again. We're going to pay off debt, build up our emergency fund, save for things that we want, give more and bless others just as we have been blessed, and still live frugally. But we'll be living frugally because we WANT to, not because we have no choice. I hope that within a year or two, we'll be able to say that we're debt free.

I am so looking forward to the blessings that God has in store for us. I have felt for a long time that God was leading us into bigger and better things and with both of us having new jobs and having the motivation to live healthy lives, I feel like He is placing us in a position to really bless others and help others.

So, change is a good thing. Though sometimes sacrifice comes with change, it's still good.

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