Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Countdown...

T-W-E-L-V-E Days left of this school year!!


I cannot wait until the last day. I cannot wait to start my summer routine. I cannot wait to get into a schedule with my weight loss and 5K training. I cannot wait to be home with my boy and to have time to make healthy things.

I have been thinking about my daily routine during the summer and not that anyone on here cares what I do during my summer, I feel like I just need to write it down...and part of me feels it should be shared so I can be held accountable by someone.

I found a smoothie recipe online that has to be made ahead of time and refrigerated so I plan to make one each night to have ready in the mornings. I plan (key word - plan) to get up at 6am each morning and do about 15-20 minutes of Just Dance on the XBOX Kinect. Then I want to drink my healthy and filling smoothie while doing my bible study for 20-30 minutes. By 7, Gabe will surely be up and it will be time to feed him some breakfast. Three days a week, I want to take him to Lake Hollingsworth and walk around the lake in the morning before it gets ridiculously hot. Then the rest of the day will be filled with keeping him busy (and myself, since hubs will be working). This will most likely entail pool time at the sis-in-law's, perhaps time with a mom and tot group, playground time, and anything else we can find to do during the day. Another 3 days a week, my wonderful sis-in-law will be doing our 5K training in the evenings. My lunch will consist of healthy wraps or salads and my dinners will consist of crock pot meals a few times a week and other healthy things that I can make and that can be easily heated up for hubby when he gets home.

I look forward to playing the stay at home wife and mother over the summer. I feel such a weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that very soon, worrying about money will go away. I can buy healthy groceries and actually make good wholesome menus and stick to them. I'm also excited to plan for next year - - - to get a head start on what I'm going to be doing with my 5th graders next year.

At the end of this year, I plan to bring in scrapbook paper and markers so my students can sign them and write on them. I want to take pictures of them and put them on the papers to make a scrapbook of sorts with this year's students. Even though it's been another tough year and I will not miss many of my students, there are some that I will miss and I won't be here next year. I want to remember this group. They, in all honesty, have been my favorite group.

All in all, I am just looking forward to what's to come. Brighter days are ahead...

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