Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Silly and the Serious

Many times in life we become so consumed with all the "big" stuff going on in our lives and maybe we forget to let loose and have fun.

This is a 'T.' I do tend to take life too seriously. But sometimes, that inner kid in me just jumps out and shows up. And that can be a good thing.

Thursday morning, hubby had an interview with CSX - the railroad company - you know the one. They always show up at the railroad crossing going 2.7 mph when you've either gotta pee really bad or you're 10 minutes late to some important meeting. Yea, them. And we were praying - hard. The interview went well but they pretty much laid it all out there for him about work schedule and time off (or lack thereof) and the more we thought about it - the more we starting thinking that maybe it wasn't the right fit for us - that maybe he should turn it down if they offered it to him. Could we really spend so much time apart?

So we went into Friday not knowing what to do. So many questions, concerns, and emotions and I felt like I was on a roller coaster - only this one was not so fun.

But Friday afternoon we had Field Day with our kids. I was not excited about it. Spending 2 hours in the hot sun while kids run around and play random games is not my idea of a good time - or rather 7th graders. I wouldn't mind doing that with my own kid.

But I decided to let loose. My excitement got them excited and they actually wanted to participate. I pretended to be competitive (which I only am in certain situations - and it was basically just swimming in high school). That got them pumped. We beat 3 teams in Tug of War before being brought down by the giants in our math teacher's class. We won the water relay race and the balloon pop relay. And I genuinely had fun. I screamed and carried on and rubbed it in the other teachers' faces when we beat them:)

It was a nice reprieve from all the serious stuff in my life. It was fun to be silly...

When we got back to the room, I checked my email and lo and behold, there lay the offer for employment with CSX.

I had been praying all day that if this was not the job for hubby, then God would make that decision easy for us - meaning he wouldn't be offered the job. But he was. And everyone kept telling us that the work schedule they warned about would not and could not happen because the Union wouldn't allow it - so it was probably a scare tactic. Scare tactic or not though, my wonderful hubby said that he would make that sacrifice. The money and benefits are too good to pass up, especially in the situation we are in. The timing is perfect. He won't start until after I get out of school for the summer. And there is a daycare on the site of the school I'll be teaching at next year (can we say God knows what He's doing?!).

So back to the serious - we know how hard it will be to be away from each other a lot. But we also see the bright future that is ahead. The things we'll actually be able to do are endless - pay off all debt including student loans in probably less than a year, save up for new cars (and I do mean save b/c we will never pay car payments again), pay the house off early, start a food and needs pantry for our church and keep it stocked for people in need, fix up the things in our house that need fixin', save up for Gabe's college, and overall - be financially FREE and be able to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

And in a few years, when Gabe is ready to start school, I can actually have the ability to stay home and homeschool him - along with others that are of similar age.

Continue to be in prayer for us though - as excited as we are about what this means for us - it will be a major adjustment. His body will have to adjust to long hours and less sleep than he's used to and Gabe and I will have to adjust to not seeing him as much. It won't be easy - but we know he's doing this for us.

And I'm going to continue to pray that God would allow me those moments to be silly even in the midst of the serious...

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