Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Cloth or Not to Cloth... I never thought I would EVER hear myself say this but...

I am considering going to cloth diapering. Yes, it can be costly to start up and stock pile and yes, it would be more laundry than I am accustomed to but I have three reasons for considering this:

ONE: Disposable diapers are ridiculously expensive. A box of 96 that costs around $20 lasts maybe two weeks (if we're lucky). That's $40 a month (at least) which is $480 in one year...and even that number sounds lower than it actually is. I figure in less than a year, if it takes between $200-$300 to start cloth diapering, it would have paid for itself in 6 months...maybe even less.

TWO: It is better for the environment. I don't even want to think about the amount of diapers housed in the landfill right now. I'm not a tree hugger or extreme environmentalist but I do care about this planet that God created and I want to be part of protecting it.

THREE: This ties in with #1 but I want to be a good steward of what God has given me. I think if I can find ways to cut our costs down so that in the end we have more to give, He would want me to do that.

I'm not saying that tomorrow I'm going to go out and stockpile cloth diapers and ban disposables from my house FOREVER...but I am thinking about purchasing a few and seeing how it goes. I know that I will still buy disposables for trips and keep them to throw in the diaper bag when we're on the go (unless they have a wonderful system for that too) but I just feel like God is revealing ways that we can make a difference in our lives financially and this might be one of them.

I've been doing my research and thinking about the kinds that I would want to try out first. Our tax refund should be in this week which would help with start up costs. Although, if I could find someone that had a few that would let us try them out first, that would be amazing. I'm still going to research and look around on the internet for some good deals. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Who knows....maybe in the not too distant future I'll be a cloth diapering momma!

Pampered Bottoms in Lakeland sells these online. Here are a few I would consider:

Rump-a-rooz Onesize Cloth Diaper
DryBees All in One Hybrid
FuzziBunz Perfect Size

So if you're a cloth diapering momma, give this 'could-be' some advice, tips, pointers, do's & don'ts. She'd appreciate it!

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