Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis' the Season...

To be jolly?

To spend time with family?

To bake cookies and cakes and fill your house with all those wonderful scents?

No...apparently, for some, it is the season to camp out at Best Buy days before Black Friday.
Now, don't get me wrong. I like deals just as well as the next person and I enjoy getting things at a huge bargain. And yes, my husband's older brother and s-i-l pretty much camped out last year for us to get us the washer/dryer set that was on sale (which we got and I truly appreciate it) except they weren't out there days in advance.

But I pulled into the Best Buy parking lot here in Lakeland yesterday because our coffee maker went kapput and we needed a new one and I see a line of people already camped out. A tent, lawn chairs, blankets, etc. were strewn about the sidewalk. I think one of the guys noticed the look on my face as I drove I'm sure was a look of disgust. The disgust was not toward those particular people but at the whole big affair. People put so much time and energy into so many things and around the holidays, it's waiting in line for that one Black Friday deal they are looking to score. But what is the point really?

Imagine...just imagine...what this world would be like if we all (I'm at the top of the list here) put that type of time, energy, and labor into helping others, spreading the Good News, giving back, advancing the Kingdom that awaits us? I'm seriously talking to myself here too. I may not camp out at Best Buy but there are plenty of others things that I spend my time and energy on rather than what I should be spending it on. This world has its priorities so screwed up and while they just seem to get worse, I am desperately trying to put mine in the correct order. I'm not waiting until the New Year to break make my New Years Resolutions. I'm starting now. My number one priority should be Christ. I should wake every morning thanking Him for another day and should spend each day in prayer and devotion. Number two should be my family. The TV, facebook, dinner, grades, lesson plans, even this blog should all wait until I've spent time with my husband and son. Number three should be my relationships with people. I am just as guilty of not keeping up with people. I need to call people or make a date with people to see them and catch up. I'm not promised tomorrow. In last place would be my job. Yes, it is what pays for the bills and puts food on the table and gas in my car...but it is what I do, not who I am. My job should not consume me and I refuse to let it. When I am there from 8-4, I will give my 100% effort to those kids but when I come home, home is where ALL of me needs to be.

I am so excited about this season. Last Christmas we were in between homes and didn't get to decorate or put our tree up. This year, we are pulling out all the stops...with what we've got anyway. I refuse to stress over the small things this season. I have been fully blessed. There are so many hurting and grieving people out there...people that have lost loved ones and will be spending their first year without that individual. I am grateful that person is not me but pray that God would wrap His peace and comfort around those walking through it. You are not forgotten.

So, in closing....for me & hopefully for you too, tis' the season (always) to be thankful, to reach out, and to love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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