Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh My Son...

Why do you grow so fast?

When I look at you, I can hardly believe it has been over 8 months already since we brought you home. You have changed my life in so many ways and taught me so much about patience and love.

You seem to learn something new every day and sometimes, with me working full time, I feel like I miss out. I'm thankful I'm enjoying my students this year but I still wonder what you're doing with daddy constantly through out the day. You are so blessed to have such a good daddy that stays home with you and plays with you and enjoys his time with you.

At night when we put you to bed, your smile just melts my heart. We pray over you as you wiggle like a worm, smiling, standing, and grabbing at our shirts. You jabber for a few minutes and then fall right to sleep. I'm so thankful that you're a good sleeper at always have been. I just wish sometimes that you would still sleep in our arms. I miss those days. I look back at pictures of when you were just a month or two old and cannot believe how quickly that time went by. I know everyone said it would and I knew it just doesn't hit you how fast until it's gone.

You are so busy. You don't even sit still long enough for me to enjoy you sitting in my lap. I do hope you'll want to cuddle and snuggle with us maybe as you get older. But I must also makes me proud to know how independent you are and how determined you are. I hope that attitude will stay with you as you grow into a young man...I hope that means that you will be your own person and not swayed by the crowd. I want you to be a hard worker and have a never give up attitude. So far, you seem to have that down. When you're learning something new, that's all you want to do until you get it. It's what you did with rolling over, crawling, standing, and what you seem to be doing now with walking.

Walking...there's another thing mommy's just not ready for. You've already taken a few steps here and there and if you keep going the way you seem to be, you will be walking before Thanksgiving if not by the end of this month. Daddy and I really have to buckle down and start childproofing the house or we will have trouble on our hands. You tend to put EVERYTHING in your mouth which means we have to watch you like a hawk to make sure you don't get a hold of anything that could hurt you. Your hands migrate toward anything that seems to be we definitely have to keep drinks out of your reach.

You still have no I guess you'll just be gumming everything until you get them. I'm not sure what new foods I can introduce you to with you having no teeth. But we got brave tonight and broke off a tiny piece of a cookie. You loved it of course.

The holidays are approaching and I can't wait to take your picture in the pumpkin patch or get Christmas photos taken...which reminds me that I have to ask our favorite photographer, Karissa, if she can do them. I'm still planning your party and think I have decided to do it here. Instead of spending the money to rent a place, I'll spend that money to clean up and spruce up the patio which is something we want and need to do anyway.

I love you my sweet Baby Gabey and enjoy watching you learn and grow...even though I miss some things. You are my sweet precious sunshine....

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