Friday, July 29, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel?

For the last few days, we have been dealing with an extremely irritable baby boy. For the past 2 weeks, feeding him his bottles has been a pain in the rump. But, we combined some advice together and today was the best day (feeding and mood wise) we've had in a while.

Gabriel had his 6 month check up on Monday and was healthy as a horse. He was 18 lbs and 27 in long. He had no ear infections (which I really thought he did). The doctor just said he was a really independent boy. Oh joy, we thought. Are we seriously going to be dealing with this until he learns how to actually hold his bottle? And what was with the constant hummy style fuss? She just said it was teething and we should try baby ibuprofen. Soooo, we got the ibuprofen and I purchased a Playtex Ventaire bottle that has the curve in it. The following day, he did better with the bottle and has done better with the bottle since then although then he started to do this whole fuss, eat, pull away from the bottle, fuss, eat, pull away from the bottle. He was no longer trying to hold it, he was just plain fighting it. Great! Now what? He was fussy most of yesterday and by last night, I was utterly exhausted. After I put him down for the night, I just went into the bedroom and cried. I didn't know what to do! Where was my happy boy? I'm supposed to be enjoying this stage and I just wasn't.

Jason and I both got on the computer last night and searched. I finally came across a forum where a lady went through the same exact thing with her daughter at the same age. She said someone suggested that she up her daughter's solid meals from 2 a day to 3 a day and when she did that, her daughter was happy as a clam. Sooo, we decided to try that today. He got his first 8 oz bottle this morning around 6:15, then breakfast of oatmeal mixed with fruit around 8:00. He had another bottle at 10:00, lunch of mixed fruit at noon, a bottle at 2:00, dinner of mixed vegetables at 5:30, and then one last bottle before bed at 7:00. He didn't fight hardly at all and the only time he fussed was around 3:00 when I was trying to get him to take his nap. It has been a much more peaceful day. He's been happy and has played to his heart's content. Is it possible he was just hungry for more solids? So now, we'll see how tomorrow goes :)

On a lighter note, Gabriel got his first doses of the beach last weekend and Tuesday. He wasn't a fan on Friday, but loved the pool on Saturday. We went to Treasure Island both days because Jason's aunt got his mom a 2 night stay on the beach and Jason's older sister and niece and great niece were there. Yes, my 27 year old husband has a great niece. His niece Samantha is older than he is but I LOVED her. She is such an awesome person and such a faithful woman of God. And her 4 year old daughter Abby is a doll! On Tuesday, we went to Daytona (the opposite coast) where my mom was staying. He didn't mind the beach as much and actually played in the sand until he tried to eat a handful. Then we decided to take him back to the pool side. Mom and Faye took him in the pool while we got to take a nice walk on the shore hand in hand.

Gabe has been sleeping like a champ the last few nights (9-11 hours a night). I hope he keeps it up. He's getting earlier bed times now so hubby and I can spend some time together.

Sunday night I got to see my Charity from Canada and her daughter Naomi. Naomi pretty much wanted to attack Gabe which was pretty hilarious. They played in the kiddie pool together, sorta. Gabe is actually bigger than her even though she is 4 months older. Weird...

Jason's brother Danny and his wife Aeoli are coming over tomorrow so I have to finish getting the house cleaned up before they get here. I will be cleaning like a maniac tomorrow and then we'll be having smoked sausage, shrimp, and pepper skewers over a bed of rice and Jason made a butterscotch cheesecake...yummo!! We might even do s'mores with a fire if it's not too too hot or raining tomorrow night for Jason to start one.

Guess I better get going. Maybe I can get some more cleaning done before going to bed tonight.

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