Monday, June 20, 2011

Five Months...

My sweet precious boy is five months old today! I cannot believe it has been five months already! That is not fair! He is about to start crawling any day now. And while I love watching him learn new's bittersweet for me. It just means he won't stop badly as I want to stop time some days or find a way to bottle up these moments so that I can relive them later. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. So cute...then he tries to sort of leapfrog forward. This is okay if he is on our bed or in his bed and it was okay Saturday when he was on the soft carpet at his Great Pop & Great Nana's house but not okay on our floor. It's not so soft so he tends to cry when he face plants. Poor thing....

We had a great time on Saturday at my Pop & Nana's in Northport. It was Gabe's first out of town trip since the trip to Ocala we took when he was about 4 weeks old. He slept all the way there and then slept all the way home. Pop & Nana love their great grandson. I love watching Pop with him....they always look like they are involved in deep conversation. And Nana made a wonderful meal...complete with my favorite mashed taters.

We started Gabe on solids a couple weeks ago. He loves sweet potatoes. We've tried peas and those were a negative and sweet peas I think will be okay once he gets used to the different taste. He's teething something terrible so I am hoping he cuts a tooth soon. I feel so bad that there's not a whole lot I can do. We do vanilla extract and Humphey's teething pellets but he still seems irritable.

I'm out for the summer (except for a training today and tomorrow) which is awesome! Trying to make some extra cash by helping my old job out with a project which will be done by July...and probably needs to be done before next Wednesday! We leave for Alabama. I won't lie. I'm excited but nervous about this first trip out of state. It's a long trip and I just hope and pray Gabe does well.

The b-i-l and s-i-l are all moved in and I'm still trying to organize and find little ways to make more room in places. It hasn't been a super easy adjustment which I didn't expect. Once you've had your own space, it's hard to let some of that go. But it could always be worse and I feel better with them here than stuck at my mother and father in law's where there would be much less space. We all have our little quirks and things that annoy us but it'll be okay.

I seriously need to keep this thing updated more while I'm off this summer....whilst doing the millions of other things on my list. But right now, I hear my big boy stirring from his afternoon nap. Time to go cuddle. :)

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