Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Little Sweet Pea...

SUCCESS! My lil man ate an entire container (or equivalent) of sweet peas. He ate the rest of one half of a container and acted like he wanted more so I gave him half of another container. He ate it all from the bowl I put it in. Yay! He likes sweet peas. Then he went down for a nap. Thinking he'll be up around 7 for his last bottle and a bath...which he now really needs since he smells like peas.

Training is over! I did get some stuff out of it. I keep looking at the employment page and there are positions open and ones that I am thinking about but I just don't know. I adore the people I work with so it really is a Catch-22. I think there's no way I can do another year at the Hill but the thought of having to get used to new people and a new administration is what keeps me from actually going for anything right now. I just don't know.

Mom is coming tomorrow to help me organize. Thank God! I need help. Why I didn't inherit the organization trait from her is beyond me. I pretty much inherited everything else. Arg. I try and try to be organized but I always find a way to fail at it. Plus, I am a huge procrastinator. It's a problem for me.

Tonight, I need to finish changes to the project I'm working on for my old job and tomorrow I really need to go to the office to make copies and try to get it done.

Really hoping my boy chooses to sleep later tomorrow like he's done the last 2 mornings. That way I can actually enjoy it too...since I've had to get up the last 2 mornings.

Okie dokie...time to work on this project. Lata!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Five Months...

My sweet precious boy is five months old today! I cannot believe it has been five months already! That is not fair! He is about to start crawling any day now. And while I love watching him learn new things...it's bittersweet for me. It just means he won't stop growing...as badly as I want to stop time some days or find a way to bottle up these moments so that I can relive them later. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. So cute...then he tries to sort of leapfrog forward. This is okay if he is on our bed or in his bed and it was okay Saturday when he was on the soft carpet at his Great Pop & Great Nana's house but not okay on our floor. It's not so soft so he tends to cry when he face plants. Poor thing....

We had a great time on Saturday at my Pop & Nana's in Northport. It was Gabe's first out of town trip since the trip to Ocala we took when he was about 4 weeks old. He slept all the way there and then slept all the way home. Pop & Nana love their great grandson. I love watching Pop with him....they always look like they are involved in deep conversation. And Nana made a wonderful meal...complete with my favorite mashed taters.

We started Gabe on solids a couple weeks ago. He loves sweet potatoes. We've tried peas and those were a negative and sweet peas I think will be okay once he gets used to the different taste. He's teething something terrible so I am hoping he cuts a tooth soon. I feel so bad that there's not a whole lot I can do. We do vanilla extract and Humphey's teething pellets but he still seems irritable.

I'm out for the summer (except for a training today and tomorrow) which is awesome! Trying to make some extra cash by helping my old job out with a project which will be done by July...and probably needs to be done before next Wednesday! We leave for Alabama. I won't lie. I'm excited but nervous about this first trip out of state. It's a long trip and I just hope and pray Gabe does well.

The b-i-l and s-i-l are all moved in and I'm still trying to organize and find little ways to make more room in places. It hasn't been a super easy adjustment which I didn't expect. Once you've had your own space, it's hard to let some of that go. But it could always be worse and I feel better with them here than stuck at my mother and father in law's where there would be much less space. We all have our little quirks and things that annoy us but it'll be okay.

I seriously need to keep this thing updated more while I'm off this summer....whilst doing the millions of other things on my list. But right now, I hear my big boy stirring from his afternoon nap. Time to go cuddle. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Four Days...

There are officially FOUR days left until I can begin my summer break. I should be packing stuff up and clearing out my classroom but I would rather sit here and write since I haven't been able to do so in over a week. Life has been hectic lately as you can probably tell from my lack of posts...if anyone actually reads them. To be honest, this blog is really more for me...an outlet of sorts when life gets crazy...as it generally is. Life at home has been a tidbit crazy but the additions to our household are fine with me. My b-i-l and I get along just fine - he's the brother I never grew up with (I have 2 half brothers but didn't grow up with them). We constantly pick at each other and give each other a hard time but I love him just like he's my own brother. He gives us both hugs before bed and tells us he loves us...he truly does have a big heart. I couldn't have picked a better brother-in-law. And when he and Jason get together, well forget it. They have their own language and it is absolutely hysterical to listen to them. You have to be an Elliott for some time before you start to understand what they are saying. My s-i-l has become a wonderful friend. We've not always been the closest and we've butted heads a few times but I love her like a sister. I know at some point that we will all be tired of one another but for now, things are running smoothly.

Gabe has decided sleeping through the night now is optional. I think he must really be teething b/c he wakes up on average 2-3 times a night. I give him his binky and he goes right back to sleep. I tried baby orajel last night (he made the funniest face b/c apparently it doesn't taste too good) and he only woke up once needing his binky. Then he was awake at 4:30 to eat...and he was AWAKE. He did finally fall back asleep around 5:15 or so.

I got him a new bath seat because the one sling we were using just got nasty and I couldn't clean it. So we got a plastic bath recliner...he LOVES it. I put him in it and he just looks like he is straight chillin. He smiles and coos and has a good ol' time. I can't wait till he learns to splash his feet. Right now, I think he's getting used to the fact that his feet are actually submerged in the water. This seat allows him to sit upright more whereas the other one laid him down, just at an incline.

I am so ready to spend the summer with my sweet boy...but I know it will spoil me and I will never be ready to come back. I did pass my Elementary exam...once I am able to add it to my teaching certificate, I'm hoping some positions will be available that I can apply for. If I can't find an elem position or another LA Middle school position, then I will be stuck at the Hill, which will obviously be where God wants me...but I am already dreading next year. Sad right?

Okay, well, I guess I better get ready for my first class. Hope I get some time to write more later. Ciao!