Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

It is teacher appreciation week this week and I wasn't too sure how we were going to be "appreciated." But, admin had breakfast for us this morning and then my pod got the last block of the day off to leave and do whatever we wanted. AWESOME! So I got to come home right after 2 instead of 4 like normal. Awesome!!! I was supposed to have a meeting right after school but if they think I'm coming all the way back...they are sadly mistaken.

My sweet boy has been just jabbering away but any time I get the camera out to video him, he shuts up. He's camera shy. Silly boy.

Yesterday was a great day! Awesome church service, then a friend from Ocala was in town and she came to visit! Haven't seen her since August so it was so nice to see her and catch up on her life! 

I did, however, manage to step on a piece of glass and get it embedded in my foot. But no worries! Hubby was there to play surgeon and got the glass out and doctored me up! What would I do without him?

I so wish we could sell his crotch rocket. We're really trying so we can take some of the money we would get and pay for his home inspection course. He could make so much more money doing home inspections instead of what he's doing know...which is basically screwing up his body physically. He could work when he wanted and he would be so good at it. He already inspects every little thing when we go somewhere anyway. With the money he would make with that, we could pay off debt faster and build our emergency fund faster and actually have more money to invest in our future and Gabe's future. 

I know that God is going to bless us because He's blessed us in so many ways already that I cannot even measure them...we just have to remain faithful in the small things. 

My paycheck this month was a lot smaller and since I'm the primary money maker, we are definitely feeling it. But we're tightening the reigns and trusting in God because it's all His anyway. 

Well, since I'm home early, I think I should get some stuff done around the house. So, peace out for now!

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